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    “Selling at the Kitchen Table” Hear the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

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    Join Dave Wess Sr. and hear an awesome EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Michael O’Grady!
    Listen live or call in with question at 917-889-8495.
    Motivational Press has announced its newest book in the business category, a book by renowned business leader, Michael O’Grady that will feature the top tools, strategies, and principles for anyone looking to elevate and escalate their sales with homeowners.
    Whether you are a one man contracting business or a sales person looking to fine tune your craft, using this guide will allow you to:
    Learn how written goals will lead to more closed sales Understand how your customers buy Put structure into your sales call Maximize your time instead of wasting it Learn how networking and relationship building leads to more closed sales These strategies and many more will give you a new outlook on the role you have when working with a homeowner. Selling at the Kitchen Table is your guide to increased sales and improved communication with homeowners.
    Michael O’Grady is an accomplished Sales Manager, Coach, Author and Entrepreneur. During his 20-year sales career, he has set and achieved many industry records as well as his personal goals. He is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same.
    To learn more about Michael O'Grady and this great book "Selling at the Kitchen Table" visit his website at http://www.sellingatthekitchentable.com/

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    Renovate Your Management Team

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    Join Michelle Neujahr, Life/Business Renovation Coach, as she interviews Rick Dacri of Dacri & Associates, LLC to talk about Renovating Our Management Team. To renovate means to revive, reinvigorate and/or make new. Get ready to be revived and to learn new ways to manage. Rick Dacri is one of those rare individuals who can take difficult employee issues, sort through their complexities, and find solutions for employers that make sense. Dacri brings more than 25 years of experience in senior management, organizational development, and human resources, all in one package. He has consulted to a wide variety of industries, large and small, always brings to the table a practical approach, sound advice, and a sense of humor. Dacri is the president and founder of Dacri & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in helping business owners and managers improve the performance and productivity of their organization and workforce. Much of Rick’s success can be attributed to his ability to work with managers to get to the heart of their problems and provide them practical solutions with simple, straightforward steps for implementation. Rick is a recognized national speaker, speaking at conferences on leadership, organizational change and human resources. He is a prolific writer, authoring the book Uncomplicating Management and over 100 articles for a number of business publications.

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    Joe Petrone on Leadership from the Sales View

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    Super strategic Joe Petrone shares his stories of coming up the ranks in top medical companies.  Joe is one of those sales leaders who understand the process building personal ethics and a point of view in all of your interactions.

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    Introducing MGL

    in Management

    An Introduction to MGL and our mission

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    Runnig your Business

    in Management

    Learn how to run your business successfully.

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    The Coptic Chic - Business Success through Christian Teachings

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    Learn how to enhance your business and management skills by adhering to Christian principles. Get ahead without pushing others down and learn how to differentiate yourself using the gifts that God gave you. You don't need to be a Coptic or even a Christian to listen and learn. You just need to want to learn how to be successful without hurting others.

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    Josh Kaufman, Author "The Personal MBA" joins Michael for this one hour exclusive

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    Call us Toll Free (877) 257-6526

    I hope you'll mark your calender and join me for this next program. I've read over 400 hundred books in the last 25 years looking for everything that is in one book recently written by Josh Kaufman, "The Personal MBA" It doesn't get any clearer than this people, don't miss it!

    Seth Godin, author of "Linchpin" said this: "File this book under NO EXCUSES. After you read it, you won't be open to people telling you that you're not smart enough, not insightful enough, or not learned enough to do work that matters. Josh takes you on a worthwhile tour of the key ideas in business."

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    The Seven Cs of Coach Leadership: Credibility

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    Credibility is the final of the Seven Cs of Coach Leadership. Coach leaders "walk the talk" and maintain credibility all the time. They know what they are doing, and they know the topics at hand. And if they don't know something, they admit it. They know their limitations. Coach Leaders are self-aware.

    The Seven C’s are distilled from 30 successful years of leadership experience. Mike attributes leadership success, in himself and in others, to these 7 skills, attitudes and behaviors. Please visit http://TheCoachLeader.com/seven to discuss these concepts.

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    Episode 1 - Introduction

    in Management

    This show is an introduction to Level: Next Radio with Lea Bailes.

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    J's for the Holidays

    in Management

    The holiday celebration and fundraiser.

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    3 Secrets Revealed: How to Unleash Your Invisible Potential

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    Join my very special guest, Sheri Ruston, aka The Flow Doctor, as she presents: 3 Secrets Revealed: How to Unleash Your Invisible Potential: Are you feeling frustrated that your business is stuck at the same level no matter what you do? Many entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation. And what they don’t realize is that there are invisible factors that are sabotaging their success. Sheri Ruston, aka The Flow Doctor, will reveal the 3 secrets that will help you unleash your full potential so that you can be in the flow of success.

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