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    Midway Refresher!

    in Management

    Were halfway through the month! Keep pressing and striving! We've all experienced the highs and lows of building our business and there is nothing like a good refreshing!

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    iDream Radio

    in Management

    iDream Radio is not for the faint at heart, you have got to be a serious dreamer, visionary, entreprenuer, faith walking person to absorb the content of this hard hitting show, which features "Wired For Success" and Wealthology Sessions with DrV and her special guests.

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    Let's Meetup on President's Day: #bomaqtalk "The Work of a CEO"

    in Management

    Are you a leader, a powerful person, in charge, the decision maker, or a prominent public figure?
    Interested in more podcast?  Join support group and access links to past events:  https://www.meetup.com/BOMAQ-Building-Owner-Manager-Administrator-Quality-SA/events/236377855/
    Subject Matter Experts be sure to check out the slides and podcasts from previous talks. The links and content is provided on each event page past and upcoming.
    Let's Meetup during Small Business Week and #bomaqtalk the "10 Core Challenge" See the link:  https://soundcloud.com/user-191219841/bomaqtalk-10-core-challenge?in=user-191219841/sets/bomaqtalk-2017
    This session covers..
    Let's Meetup on President's Day and #bomaqtalk "The Work of a CEO"  on Blogtalkradio.  Hear an overview from an experienced entrepreneur and get a chance to introduce yourself, your business, and to ask your specific question.
    You'll get answers to questions like...
    • What does it really mean to be a CEO?
    • What does it really mean to be an Owner?
    • What does it really mean to be a Manager?
    • What does it really mean to be an Administrator?  
    You will find out about...
    • Types of Tools
    • Culture Building Techniques
    • Vision, Mission, and Direction
    • Taking Responsibility

  • 00:43

    Sue Perszyk - October 6, 2015

    in Management

    Today we are excited to hear from Sue Perszyk who has worked for large companies and owned her own business. We look forward to hearing her story!

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    Interviewing a young girl about her dreams!

    in Management

    Interviewing Mariaelena who resides in the foothills of Sacarmento with her family.  She is 8 years old and my first guest ever!

  • 00:58

    10 Commandments of an Effective Company Officer

    in Management

    Members of the IAFC/COS will discuss the 10 Commandments of an Effective Company Officer with author Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski.

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    Small Biz Talk Radio with guest Clyde Riddlesbrood

    in Management

    All too often, creatives (writers, artists, actors, singers, designers) go into their careers with the idea it's just them and nothing else.  But being a creative means you're running a business - you ARE your business.  Today, Clyde Riddlesbrood, the founder of the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company, joins us to talk about the pitfalls creatives run into when they forget they're running a business and some of the tips he's found essential as a creative-in-business.