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This show is about further explaining Jesus, Christian faith, and the Bible to and for those who want to hold to truth while living in this world.

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It is very easy to look no further than one's own condition, to determine whether they are benefiting or suffering in a situation. If someone received new employment, or a promotion, then God has blessed them and they should be... more

Serving God, in a manner maintaining Heaven as the objective, requires the ability, even a willingness, to confront and overcome adversity. I'm not talking about the popular "God knows what you're going through and He will bring you... more

An easy thing to misconstrue, in my humble view, is God's persepctive on peace. Many, and I do mean many, believe that God aims for men to live at peace with one another. While that is among God's desires, it is not His aim. God looks for... more

We are looking at situations, around the globe, which are very disturbing, with many, if not most, of them occurring in very close proximity. These are, whether positively or negatively, exciting times. Of course, there were warnings regarding... more

This is very straightforward. Since Adam's fall, trouble and suffering became, and does remain the human norm. The trouble comes when people believe the same God who brought suffering to the human condition has a grand plan to remove... more

The primary thing you want to communicate leaders is how to lead. Relentless focus on the objectives to be achieved is why you have leaders. Unfortunately, that focus is no longer sharp, because we have sought leaders where... more

We need personal honesty, and a lessening of fear, if anything we do will have any chance of pleasing God.

Pharell Williams has earned retirement money, enough perhaps to support a small city, via a song, in which he encourages people to, "Clap Along, if you feel that Happiness is the truth..." and there is no harm in that. However, and while the... more

Many do not recognize that we live in a highly feminized society, in the US, where much attention is paid to what women think, what they feel, what diseases confront them, the importance of them as parents, what government should do... more