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This show is about further explaining Jesus, Christian faith, and the Bible to and for those who want to hold to truth while living in this world.

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To paraphrase an old saying, "All that comes to you is not all that is for you." Among the difficult chores involved with living any chosen lifestyle is keeping those elements, that are inconsistent with that lifestyle, out. It is no different than... more

Once a destination is set, all that remains is to arrive, by whatever mode of transport that can be used. Earthly transport toward heaven is accomplished by a man taking on the tasks left, by God, for him to do, and to be found at the... more

Just sharing thoughts on the family...the earthly cure for all man's ills, and that by design.

Discussions of right and wrong, "on the margins", as it were have gone on since Eve and the serpent in Eden. The simple fact is that people will introduce things into their own personal "canon", either to augment God's word, or to replace it,... more

Much, perhaps too much is being made of leaders these days, both good and bad, for both good or ill purposes. Somehow, it has been forgotten that those in need of an earthly leader will never be free of earthly control.

Normal human response to adverse circumstances is to resist them, no matter their cause. Indeed, those who fight and overcome adversity usually garner much praise. However, not all fights are ones a man can win and, in many cases, they... more

Among the hardest things about being saved is the realization that you are an unwanted guest in a place you do not (or at least should not) desire to be. Interestignly, those who are not with God will make their judgments of you... more

Too many people claim to serve what they not looked into, making up their own doctrines and blocking the doors of heaven to those who earnestly wish to escape the wrath to come.

Time to take a swing at a false hope premise, often found in the Health, Wealth, and Prosperity message.