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This show is about further explaining Jesus, Christian faith, and the Bible to and for those who want to hold to truth while living in this world.

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We know that God is not the author of confusion, but does that mean he is the author of least as you understand what order may be? Probably not.

Among the only times in Scripture when divine power was "small" is recorded in Matthew 13:54-58 And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence... more

One things that is widely promoted in the church is the idea of "we". "We need each other", "No man is an island", "You are your brother's keeper", and other phrases are popular sayings crossing the pulpit as pastors do their regular "cat... more

Among many human failings the saint of God must overcome is knowiing what is, and what is not, his concern. It is easy for a man to want to know what God requires of others or, worse yet, to believe he knows and to the point that he... more

Simple thought: The Lord deals competely with those who come completely to Him. Fewer than you may think bring all to God.

There is nothing new about children conceived outside of wedlock; it can be found in scripture, as far back as Genesis, even in the house of Judah, who unwittingly impregnated his daugher-in-law, believing her a harlot when he had intercourse... more

The Lord, unsurprisingly, has much to say about the raising of children...and most of it falls on either deaf or confused ears. That many still regard the children given them as reflections of themselves lies at the root of many problems. It is... more

It is not uncommon for people, often when in a hurry, to put on a sweet perfume when attempting to conceal an unpleasant odor. Depending upon the amount used, it does work, but only for awhile and only if people do not get too close.... more

The most effective way to address most problems is to stop them at their source....when that is possible. So, how does one address a problem whose source is unassailable? Human lust has been with man since Eden. While its... more