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Man for God

Man for God


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This show is about further explaining Jesus, Christian faith, and the Bible to and for those who want to hold to truth while living in this world.

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Here in the US, and around the globe, the homosexual rage against God, and in favor of lust, masquerading as love, gains momentum. In America, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban homosexuals from marrying one another. And... more

With all the cries of racism, and the confession that stated inciting a race war as motive, many are buzzing about the black-white aspects of the shooting that left 9 dead at a Charleston, South Carolina, church. Nevertheless, just as the church... more

From time to time, religious leaders wring their hands over the church's diminishing appeal to the culture, and fret about what they can do. The problem is most approaches are more Madison Avenue, trying to give the people... more

?One of the hallmarks of Christianity in particular, and of faith in God in general, is its lawlessness, by human standards. Many make the effort to "Romans 13" their way into subservience to human authority, saying that is what... more

Part of the warrior mentality is to prepare himself to address the most difficult scenarios. He understands that victory is not guaranteed, neither is it always an available option, but that no circumstance can prevent him from fighting well. No... more

?The world, and cultures, in which we live make every effort to set standards for success and failure...and they fall short consistently. Why? The primary reason: they only hold sway in the realm through which we pass and not the one... more

?Sometimes we spend so much time, looking for those who lack God's Spirit to receive it, we forget all the work it is to accomplish for us who said, "Yes" to that indescribable gift.

Among the more dangerous thoughts we can have about human government is not that we should be free from it, but that it should ever have had charge over us at all. ?What man was given, from the outset was a responsibility of... more

How often have we objeced to the way God does things, not because we know better, or even desire a different outcome, but simply because we want a different process? It is incumbent to bend our way of thinking to God's, and not seek to... more