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Man for God

Man for God


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This show is about further explaining Jesus, Christian faith, and the Bible to and for those who want to hold to truth while living in this world.

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Our world today is increasingly filled with protest and rebellion, so much so that it is easy to become numb to, or jaded about, those with a cause. It also becomes difficult to tell legitimate grievance from mere passionate political discourse.... more

As the world continues its departure from all that is decent amnong human beings, it is inreasingly clear that there is a group that has chosen not to go with them in their excess of riot, but neither has it much interest in "reading the... more

When we speak of the Laodicean mindset, we often limit it to the church. But it also applies to any nation which God has blessed, and none more than the United States, which has enjoyed His favor, and now works to incur His Wrath.

The immutability of God is known but underappreciated. It should be among the most comforting aspects of anyone's relationship with the Most High; knowing that God's hand is always available, and also knowing where to find it, should... more

As more things, which people once regarded as stable, begin to crumble, the chaos in the structure of societies, and in the minds of men, shall increase. A man's security can no longer be externally sourced; he cannot look to financial... more

Everything is rapidly changing, in favor of the worst in mankind, right before our eyes. While many see and are alarmed, many more are trying to say that these things either don't matter or that they are good. And the majoirty have no idea... more

Here in the US, and around the globe, the homosexual rage against God, and in favor of lust, masquerading as love, gains momentum. In America, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban homosexuals from marrying one another. And... more

With all the cries of racism, and the confession that stated inciting a race war as motive, many are buzzing about the black-white aspects of the shooting that left 9 dead at a Charleston, South Carolina, church. Nevertheless, just as the church... more

From time to time, religious leaders wring their hands over the church's diminishing appeal to the culture, and fret about what they can do. The problem is most approaches are more Madison Avenue, trying to give the people... more