Malignos Ritual Workshop

Malignos Ritual Workshop


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Occult, Witchcraft, Angel Magick, Sorcery, Santeria, Vodou, Left Hand Path, Goetia, Luciferian

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This show is going to be about the workings of Orishas in Santeria and Vodou and the general steps to most African Spirits. ASHE OGGUN and all the Orishas and African Spirits!!!!

This segment is about just letting go of the blockages that cause a lot of wear and tare on the soul. There is not a person, place, possession, position, or situation that compares to the feeling and knowing that you are free and awakened from... more

Minfullness is being aware to the necesarry consciousness of others wellbeing around you and towards your self first.

ARS, Luciferian, Paulina, Quimbanda and its correlating factors which connect to every day life.Connecting Zodiacal Science and Goetia.

Continuation from yesterday's show. Karyna will be talking about Santisima Muerte.

This segment is about saying hello to different magical people from Left Hand Path to Santeria, Paolo, Quimbanda Goetia, Vodou, Hermetics, Enochian, Root Workers, Witches, Wiccans, Hoodooists, those who just read and do angel work.

Talking about our experiences in our spiritual path and/or work. What works, what we found to be profitable and what we are currently working on is a major part of the show. All are welcome

Sometimes you just have to speak up and not allow things to roll off your shoulder as you would if there was name calling. Sometimes there is a call to justice and it must be handled appropriatley or leaving it alone and ignoring the problem only... more

Relationships - Good, bad, weird, hurtful, maniacal, distant, long distant, dead, unhealthy, supportive, In-Love: The no no and the yes yes in todays human relationships

We will be talking a look on today's culture clash and culture assumption on a person dressed in goth verses a person who is at magus level and wheres brightly colored clothes. How does one know a true sorcer/sorceress from those... more