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Occult, Witchcraft, Angel Magick, Sorcery, Santeria, Vodou, Left Hand Path, Goetia, Luciferian

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So we are coming to some good things in Califronia. Many of the trump/altright racist raliies are being cancelled and all our speaking out is doing a good to our state and communities. Today, I had a good experience with the police that I... more

Good actions can change anyone's reality when giving is engaged through genuine happenings. There are actions of positivity in this world not just thinking or saying but doing which change the outlook on one's view that can lead to... more

I have ranted so long on this show for so many reasons but I wanna talk about raising your emotions especially in a time like this. We live through the hustle of life and we want to unwind but we look around and sometimes we can't even... more

Trump is a disgusting example of pure filth and everything that is against female energy in everyway. He might be president but its not like the other presidents were any different. Its just that the owners of the world are allowing him to be... more

Its a scary thing to awaken from an awakening. It seems that there are far worse truths that we turn our eyes, ears and speach from. There is so much hate brewing that it is impossible to even think with all this hateful energy being being... more

Monarch Blood Entertainment is beginning to gather bands that really want to play and have a good time. The point of putting this together this Venue is that there are a lot of people taking advantage of bands. I'm completely appalled by... more

I have finally got some good people together to do this music thing. I don't wanna be headed in the direction that other venues with not paying bands. I totally dig the ticket thing because I like it but its not fun to still go to a show and... more

Attacking or Throwing: So I realize and understand that magick is not always in the palm of your hands unless it's some giant synthetic thing masking itself as the retrograde then I don't know lol

Just regular talk.

Part 2 of 1: Discussing more lighter side of a witches life in the community.