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Lisolette Martin



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So many Christians are searching for a blessed life full of prosperity, favor, good success, and good health. But to acquire those things that God has promised we must first adhere to certain instructions that are hidden in the bible. Come and... more

We have experienced some painful situations in our lives, some of them are even difficult for us to even discuss. However, we have hope, God wants to transform our pain into victory.

There is a scripture in the bible in Matthew 19:24 that says a "It is easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven". God does not His people thinking that there is anything wrong... more

The Curse is taking place in the world and people are completely oblivious. Take for example the swine flu, that is a result of the curse because of man's disobedience. My teachings will take you through the bible to validate as proof... more

Trusting in God's provision is what we are instructed to do when we read the word of God. However, what is sad is that Christians are also trusting in the world and that is where they are making a big mistake. God is a supernatural God and... more

Believers need to know the truth, so many of them are living a false Christian life. Not even utilizing the magnificent power that dwells within them. However, they bog themselves down with volunteering in ministries for the sake of... more

God is in the business of working out solutions to our circumstances that we face, and His resources are infinite. However, so many Christians are still going against His word and attempting to handle their situations. In the show a testimony is... more

We as Christians must not put our guards down and that is a perfect way for our enemies from the Kingdom of Darkness to execute their plan of attack on our lives. Do not think that just because we are born again believers that we are free... more
Lisolette Martin

The Importance of being Obedient to God

  • by Lisolette Martin
Hello Everyone Praise the Lord! I was moved to create this blog, searching for a way to be able to become a podcaster. I am not very savvy with this new computer stuff but I am going forward with it via faith. Anyways, I wanted to take... more
Lisolette Martin

Chasing Money

  • by Lisolette Martin
I found it important for me to write about chasing money relating only to Christians. Chasing money is a practice that must be ceased if that is what you are doing; let me tell you why. If you chase money you are going to... more