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Caffeine with FJ Carter



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This blog is a verbal cup of coffee that will wake you and inundate you with love, joy, inspiration and relativity. Trying to rebuild what has been lost within our relationships by speaking on subjects that may be the possible reasons why relationships and marriages are failing. Let's get back to unity and true with FJ Carter

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On this episode of Caffeine with FJ Carter will be another controversial and yet informative topic!! Many relationships are ruined simply because a person may have been too honest about their past sexual, intimate and/or... more

CAFFEINE WELCOMES FEATURED GUEST ANTHONY RUCKER! FJ Carter will be interviewing Anthony Rucker on his romance techniques for men and his book "Relationships Cookbook" which is a book of perspectives that uses the... more

On this episode of Caffeine with FJ Carter is a Part II Of "Trigger Happy". "Trigger Happy: 1.Having a tendacy to shoot a firearm before adequately identifying the target:2.Tending to act rashly or without due consideration" Martin... more

Whether it's purely just in a man's DNA or the "All Men Are Dogs" cliche--The age old question remains..."How to keep your man from cheating?" Are women just picking the wrong mates? Shall we just let sleeping dogs lie? Or are there... more

Some men are complaining about the unfairness of child support and women are complaining that men are irresponsible. Are some women taking it too far and using child support as another selfish financial option or is this just a way... more

On another controversial show of Caffeine with your Host FJ Carter we will discuss, The possible real reason why men cheat and trying to find out is it because we were taken away from our culture where polygamy was natural and... more

On this controversial episode of Caffeine with your host FJ Carter; I will be discussing "Women Submitting to men" Is it a sign of weakness or a sign of true strength? I noticed that some men feel that a woman should just find a man and... more

On this episode of Caffeine with your host FJ Carter we will be discussing the definition of true marriage. Do you feel that if the papers aren't signed then true love isn't defined? Beyonce said, "If you like it then you should've put a ring... more

"Trigger Happy:Having a tendency or desire to shoot a firearm before adequately identifying the target."Ladies: Is it true that women fall in love too easy?Are we suckers for love or is it just in our DNA? Why do we choose to pull the triggers... more
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