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The Magic of Being


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What if you've got magic? And, what if now's the time to ask for it and have it and be it?

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Have you ever really wanted something to show up in your life … a relationship, a job, a trip, a piece of furniture … and when it did, wished it hadn't, or been disappointed? What were you asking for? Ease, happiness, or,... more

Are kids a burden? Are they a distraction? Do they keep you tied down? And, do you wonder what they're up to … what language they speak? Do you remember being a child? Were you acknowledged? Did your family have your... more

Let's take a look at success and failure… Ask yourself: What have I misidentified and misapplied as the source of my success? What have I misidentified and misapplied as the source of my failure? Hmmm … What... more

Choice creates awareness … awareness doesn't create choice! How often do you give up your awareness in favor of someone else's point of view? How often do you share with friends an awareness you might have, and, how often is... more

What is contribution? Is it a one-way street, where you give, give, give? Or, is it a two-way street? And what about receiving? What is receiving? What contribution can you be and receive? What are you ready and willing to receive? What... more

The Magic of Being – Relationship … Being in relationship without losing you What if relationship means separation? Relationship is defined as the distance between two objects. Oneness is being connected with everything and... more

Do you ever have the sense that in order to maintain a relationship with someone, you have to believe in and buy their stories? And, what about you? Do you have stories that provide you with the reference points in your life? What if... more

The Magic of Being – More on Bodies and Abuse Let's talk about the connection between bodies and abuse! Where in your body do you lock up and hold in the abuse you have experienced … either abuse by other... more

What if abuse doesn't need to predict a life of struggle and suffering? What if the significance placed on it actually interferes with healing? And, what if the experience of abuse doesn't need to result in being a victim? What could happen... more

The Magic of Being – Your body … friend or foe? We have a special guest this week! Glenna Rice is the owner of Access Physical Therapy, and is an Access Consciousness and Access Body Facilitator, as well as, an advanced... more
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