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Aladdin's Lamp Unleashed


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http://www.lybrary.com/aladdins-lamp-unleashed-guide-effortless-creation-p-124720.html You can click on (or cut and paste) this link to acquire the book Manifestation technology – Creating – Bringing something you Choose into existence; these are the alluring promise of many books, courses and life coaches. Unfortunately, the reality experienced is often far different from what was hoped for. What’s sought is not often achieved. We’ve all heard the sad refrain, “I did what the teacher said, and it only partially worked.” In truth, often it didn’t work at all. The question becomes why? Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed, a Guide to Effortless Creation reveals why. Successfully “bringing what you choose into existence” is a great feat. Attempting it with partial and incorrect information, with missing pieces, or with things out of order will short circuit the whole process of manifestation; it’s become a failure waiting to happen; and that’s what’s happened. Instead of all that failure, let’s get all the pieces together and in the right order. Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed, perhaps for the first time, reveals critical data that has been neglected; it fills in important and vital elements that have been overlooked or totally missed. Once all these pieces, elements and parts are in place and in operation; the manifestation process, the game of creation, becomes effortless. For some it becomes miraculous. Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed will add valuable insight to any spiritual path. It has the ability and information to transform any quest; especially where the seeker is looking to create a new and better reality. It can make all the difference; it has for many!

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Stops are what Stop us from manifesting our dreams. Where do theses 'stops' truly originate from??? Those are the key questions we'll be dealing with.

Reading about Manifestation is stimulating, even tantalizing. It 'inspires' one to do something; I mean who whouldn't want a shot at the 'anything and everything' they desire. As one who's practiced and taught this for many long years... more

Money is what people 'normally' choose when they think of manifesting things. Why? Why is that the issue for almost everyone? What is it about money? We touch on that here; though we give the 'real answer' most people won't really get... more

Goals Make $8,000 a month in 15 – 20 hours a week*) Step one $2,000 consistently *(this month …I've checked this one) Step two $4,000 consistently* (need this happen 3 months to count as consistent ) Make $50,000... more