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Maggi Quinlan PhD

Consciousness, Emotion & Energy


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Move out of unconscious behavior and pain and into conscious choices for an empowered and connected life with your emotions, energy and self-awareness.

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My apologies, I discovered the sound from last week show was bad, so I will re-do today. Please see last week for description, or go to maggiquinlan.com for more information.

June 21 is the Summer Solstice, one of the primary seasonal markers of our year. There is potent energy contained within this time, and we get to discover more about it and how to work with it. The show today is a little later than usual... more

Today, I'm just going to talk to you about what is happening in my process with the Radio Show and my vision for where it wants to go.

There is a pattern that I have observed as to the healing process that leads to and is part of Spiritual Transformation. Today we'll talk about what that can look like.

No one comes into Life without being born through a Woman's Body. But we have dismissed or forgotten the power and significance of this Sacred Act. Instead, it has become a political tool for repression and control of the... more

In our asepticized vresion of the world, the very meaning of Ritual and Mythology has become bogged down in distortion, joylessness and powerlessness. Mythology tells the stories of Life, Ritual brings action to those Mythologies.... more

Most of us are very good at nurturing others, but not so good at creating the time to nurture ourselves. Many don't know how to nurture themselves. Today's show will be about nurturing.

There are many misperceptions about Spiritual Transformation and what it entails. There are many approaches that can reinformce our basic sense of unworthiness and create a life of endless seeking something "out there" never... more

We think that the Spiritual and Religious Traditions we have lived with the past 3000 years is what has always been, but that is not true. Today we will explore the history of the Divine Feminine and the significance it holds for women and... more

We all know about meditation, or have at least heard of it. But there are lots of misunderstandings about what it is, what it does, and how to engage with this powerful way. This reading fro Adyashanti's book "True Meditation" sheds some... more