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Maggie Chula is a Psychic Channel, Spiritual Minister, and Healer for the Soul. She is the creator and Master Teacher of the spiritual healing and psychic development course, the Akashic Vibration Process. She is also the host of the inspirational radio show, Maggie's Spiritual Connections. Her messages help you create a deeper connection to the universal source vibration of God, and your divine soul. These messages come from many beings of light known as the Master Teachers of the Akasha. Working together, Maggie and the Master Teachers will answer your questions, and inspire you to live life in partnership with your source; your soul. Join Maggie and the Masters live on Monday at 7:00 pm CST

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This is an unusual year. In January and March we will have two blue moons. The month of February won't have any. But does the phase of the moon have a special power to help us heal? Many of us may have strong ties to the earth and her cycles, one of which is the moon and her phases. Another would be the changing of seasons, the time of an equinox or a solstice. On this podcast we will talk about the vibrational changes that occur during these times on earth and share how you can take advantage of the moon phases or times of the year to help support your growth in attaining a clearer connection to the wisdom of your soul. After I will open up the phone lines to answer your questions. Join us Jan 29, 2018 at 7:00 pm Central as we discuss the moon and her phases and how you can harness these times to help you heal your spiritual connections. To ask a question please call (914) 205-5774
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This podcast was recorded on Martin Luther King Day. A day we celebrate this great leader in the ascension of the conscious understanding freedom belongs to all and if all are not free, no one is. l asked Dr King to come and start... more

Each year brings new possibilties into our lives. We feel as if we are new and fresh, as ready to be reborn as our calendar. This show focused on welcoming in a new year of possibilities as we continue to create a life we love.... more

Welcome 2016! As you embrace this new year, I encourage you to take a moment to remember what is important to you and the life you are creating. Come join me as I open up and ask the Master Teachers to share a message that will... more

The Goddess Lakshmi has been sharing wisdom and vibrational healings around the understanding of prosperity and abundance. You will be happily inspired as you listen to her voice and her messages. Come joy in the celebration of lights... more

The topic for this month on Angel Talk Tuesday is Family. Last Tuesday we channeled on the topic ?Finding Balance?. Archangel Ariel came through with a beautiful channeled message. We will listen to her channel and talk about the... more

There are a lot of people talking about; the new vibration of the Earth, the expanded consciousness of mankind, the symptoms of ascension. The Akashic Master Teachers would like to discuss this today and share their understanding... more

There have been a lot of changes happening and it feels as if the changes are speeding up. So much news about sadness, sorrow and victimization. BUT the Master Teachers assure me we are all up to this task. This is the time we have... more

Wow what a year of change and transitions. So much is happening within our shared energy and conscious understanding it can be difficult to keep your balance emotionally, physically or mentally. There are times it feels like I am... more

What are your beliefs around Spirituality? Do you believe we are all part of the one true source? Do you understand you are a vibrational being creating a physical existence? That the vibrational aspect of your actions interact with the... more
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