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In these politically correct climate, have we as a Nation gone to far?, and if so is the christian Faith under attack?, Bake dales in our schools limited, thanks to the first lady, and since when did we Elect Michelle Obama?, Has the First Ladies... more

It is high time we as Americans rope in these suppose Congressmen or women, or Senators, at the rate of their pay grade and their staff, it has gotten crazy!!!!, We the American electorate, should treat them all like soldiers give them... more

In these tring times we as Americans have to ask the hard questions,Do these People that we have in-trusted our very lives too, realy get it,and are those in power ready to give it up, because THEY HAVE BECAME JUNKIES JUST LIKE... more

I will explain why, he blames everthing on an emergency, he said he'll listen to the republicans on health care and tweak it, He just don;t get it, this President still thinks this election was only about the economy, he is going to listen to Pelosi... more

Well after a great health scare I'm back!!!, I miss our talks and I have to get in my pre -Election Jabs, let talk about illegals getting to vote in local elections ???, and Let's talk about Grayson, Kosmas, Reid , and the rest of the extreme liberal line... more

The numbers are in, Remember when the stimulus bill had to be passed we were told unemployment would not go over 8% well 10.1 and that is not it, the democrates are so out of touch they have failed America, thats you and me the... more

In these tring times with growing violence on the border is Homeland security doing their job?, or how about Department of Justice? Or The President, it seems that for the sake of a voting block, we are going to explore this and try to show... more

Let's talk turkey, all these people about to lose their jobs, now will we see the highest tax increase in America's History? ? The Large coloring book about the tea party sparking death threats to the owners of the company...., and... more

Are the back yard parties with the President a good Idea? I will take a long hard look at the results/ and how they are effecting his parties chances, plus up to the date news on the most talked about administration in Americas History...... more

The Obama Administration, Attacks Tea Party ,the Republicans and his own base? In these times before a election Obama has Bill Clinton and his Wife out there, tring to rally the democratic base, and appease the liberal base, is it a... more