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magar hour



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BeeHave llc now supports Adult Swim and the Turner-SI Digital Network. All Rights Reserved.© 2015 Banned in Malaysia! live every nite with chazzrazz tom prepps and teddy boy greg 11PM EST EVERYDAY!. donate here >>magarhourdonations@yahoo.com @paypal Guest Call-in (347) 215-7638 we are skype friendly its free! hit up that skype icon! Beehave Live Presents:The Magar Hour, the magar hour show has an archive of over 9000 award winning shows with numerous celebrity guests including, 80’s icon Taco Okerse, CKY’s Derron Miller, Magician/comedian The Amazing Johnathon, and many more including many stars of Cartoon Network’s Adult swim, and the best of the internet like Million Dollar Extreme’s Sam Hyde and Lets Paint TV’s John Kilduff also they got Alex Shaefer Mark Walsh,every single tim and eric great job performer they got Jackasses Brandon Novak and Bam Margera "radio bams" Ryan Cleveland, country troubadour Rob Snyder Our host’s Chazz Razz, Old Greg, and Tom Peppers bring you the weirdest in pop culture and strange current events. Raunchy, Riveting and FULLY RONED OUT, they DO IT ALL this show crams an hour of entertainment into 60 mins of insanity.. 20’s of thousands of of likes and followers on facebook and twitter. With live listens at 500 + an evening with an addition 500+ archive listeners and 60-70 downloads daily, the Magar hour is one of the top ranked blogtalkradio shows in its HOME category and hands down the most prolific blog on its home site, WWW.MAGARHOUR.COM you can find us now on itunes in the management and marketing section!!! get in there its free FULLRONE OR NO GROBES ITS THE MAGAR HOUR YO!

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breaking news rob and will yamms wife says "he did not die from depression" our thoughts and more tonite when magar hour come back to fill you in on the ins and outs of the cool guy club known as hollywood we do it every day so you can too... more

This show is hosted by John Blyth Barrymore and comes to you live from the Downtown Artist Space in Los Angeles. Our guests are poet Ideas Aubrey, and singer/songwriter Shanara Mouthpeace Sanders

gey straight cis or j call us and get wet rub all yer nude parts on us like Hillary Clinton did in that book randy quaid told the future again ! mars has salty leavings all over it from ancient Egypt guys my gramma taught me how to moke... more

those boys are at it again with more magAr madness while they test out sex dummys and expose the secret world of Texas necrophiles and it AINT gw bush or his sexy ass lil baby face SOUL SUCKIN DRUNK brother jeb bush its all... more

suhwoaaaaaaaaahpppppppppps we did it again old greg is dead but we bout to reanimate him by tricking and old guy to clean his blood little does he know he gunna get turned into old greg

reflection time call in and cling to our coat tails as we keep climbing that social ladder all the way to the sun 3472157638 ask us anything magar hour a year in reflection/

we work on tom preps after the ogry at the trump trap house with sex mouth call tom preps just go this ss card stolen and now apparnlty is renting condos in miami under the alias mr condom call in and help us nail down this effin sob tom preps... more

live from our main og DONALD TRUMPS TRAP HOUSE IN beverly hills political dissendents chazz razz and his merry band of jimjoes call in or at least try to you lazy rahjard 347 215 7638 hit the secret skype icon and call in for free using the... more

who cares two pair call in get wet get rone dont forget to vape on the way home it gay town 5.0 call in get gay 347 215 7638 did you know ? magar hour is a fetish now call in tell us what you do with your magars
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