Madly Chasing Peace

Madly Chasing Peace


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Mind-body coach and best-selling author Dina Proctor shares her 3-minutes, 3-times per day technique to plug you into your internal power source and find abundant health and happiness.

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?We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.? - Albert Einstein Jayne Blumenthal and her husband Braham are an international business coaching team that has been working together at... more

I believe that 90% of success is mindset and visualizing what you want to create. Denny Morales will share his story on how he learned that for himself and has gone on to create an amazing life doing what he loves! Denny Morales... more

Join me and my guest today, Brian Benson, as we talk about tuning into our intuition to be ourselves authentically and find true freedom in self-expression. Brian has written and received multiple awards for his 6 self-help books - the... more

My guest today is Lorwai Tan, PhD. I'm so interested in interviewing her because she has a background in science and healing, understanding the link between mind and body, thoughts and health … and because she is now a wealth... more

My guest today, Michael Harris, joins me to talk about his life experiences of highs and lows, and how these led him to find happiness, peace, and even his life purpose. He is a #1 Bestselling Author of "Falling Down, Getting Up," is an... more

3x3 Meditation - questions answered! If you've read "Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went from Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day" and have questions about starting a 3x3 Meditation practice, please tune into today's show! I'll be... more

Join me and Tamara Gerlach (best-selling author of "Cultivating Radiance") as we talk about how we helped our books climb the best-seller charts! I've compiled a list of Top 9 ways my book reached #1 on Amazon and Tamara and I... more

Cathy Lumsden, psychotherapist, author, and speaker, has spent her 27-year career blending the science of the brain with the psychology of the mind and body as part of her program called BRAINSENSE. Brainsense is an educational... more

If you're interested in learning how to visualize and create concrete results in your life, tune in! My guest today, Sandy Gallagher, CEO & President of Bob Proctor's Life Success Group of Companies and creator of Thinking Into Results used... more

Today's show is perfect for anyone who has a goal of getting their message into the world and their book written in 2013! My guest today Carol Kline will be sharing tips on how to share your message authentically and get your book... more
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