Madly Chasing Peace

Madly Chasing Peace

Madly Chasing Peace

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Mind-body coach and best-selling author Dina Proctor shares her 3-minutes, 3-times per day technique to plug you into your internal power source and find abundant health and happiness.

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My guest today, Ashley Turner, is an innovator in personal development bridging yoga, psychology and neuroscience. She is an acclaimed yoga–meditation instructor, registered Marriage + Family Psychotherapy Intern, writer and... more

My guest today, Melanie Smithson, has journeyed through her share of grief and stress and has lived to tell the tale. Dragged to her first dance class at the edge of four, the power of movement and the wisdom of the body is in her bones (and... more

My guest today, Rikka Zimmerman, is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, and is infinitely blessed and excited to introduce her new... more

My guest today, EFT Master Carol Look, has been a pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community – combining her distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy with ?energy medicine? for unprecedented innovations in the... more

My guest today, passionista and Visionary Lisa Marie Rosati, is a renowned Inner Goddess Catalyst for women, Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan & Sugar Free Goddess and co-author of the international best selling book –... more

My guest today, Betsy Chasse, author and co-producer of the film, "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" Betsy talks about her latest book, "Tipping Sacred Cows; The Uplifting Story Of Spilt Milk and Finding Your Own Spiritual Path In... more

My guest today, Linda Joy, is on a mission. A mission fueled by the lessons learned and the wisdom and insights gained on her transformational twenty-five year journey from single welfare mom and queen of self-sabotage to bestselling... more

My guest today, dr. liz Anderson-Peacock, is an energetic and internationally recognized expert both in the chiropractic profession and in the health and wellness field. Currently, dr. liz is engaging audiences around the world,... more

My guest today, Gene Ang, Ph.D., was formally trained as a Neurobiologist at Yale University where he earned his doctorate in basic mechanisms of how the brain develops. After his post-doctoral fellowship, Gene decided to step into the... more
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