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"Vortex of Freedom" examines the issues of the day from an anarcho-libertarian point of view.

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Roundtable shooting the breeze about politics and other stuff.

Who belongs to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and what impact do they have on American foreign policy? "Vortex of Freedom" takes a look

"Vortex of Freedom" takes a look at government spending and the BILLIONS of dollars that are unaccounted for every year. The show will also focus on why we keep re-electing the same people despite the lack of accountability... more

Paul Topete from Pokerface returns to the show to talk about Pokerface's new CD, "Peace or War.". We will also be discussing current events affecting our liberties and future plans for the band.

Issues that affect our liberties and the liberty movement.

Saturday Night U4Boss - Show about politics and other stuff
Vortex of Freedom

Tonight's show

  • by Vortex of Freedom
I have deleted tonight's show due to prolonged technical issues. The first 13 minutes were silent, followed by 20 minutes of static.

"Vortex of Freedom returns in it's old day and time slot (Saturdays at 6PM Eastern/ 5 Central/ 3 Pacific) Among other things, I will discuss my take on the Health Care "Reform", Cap-and-Trade, the sorry alternative plans... more

A Special edition of FNUF as this weeks show will be hosted here instead of the John and Johnny show. Bring your opinion and your attitude, but don't cry when you are ripped apart. :)

"Vortex of Freedom" will take a look at "Cash for Clunkers" as well as the health care bill currently being passed around.