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I discuss chemtrails and the people behind them.

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Join me today as we expose chemtrails and the evil agenda to depopulate the planet.

The powers that be only block, ban, and censor the best of us. It's time we call these entities out for their blatant attempt at covering up this massive chemtrail crime against humanity.

Today I was supposed to be interviewing an 18th degree travelling Freemason. He was a no show. Instead I opened up the lines to chemtrail activists from atound the world. Thank you to all who called in.

Please for the love of God can anyone in government help us stop the chemtrails?

The truth is being covered up by controlled opposition, distractions, and disinformation. Today we will be discussing how we sift through the lies.

We have to actively pursue the people responsible for investigating our cases. If we get complacent our filed complaints will get swept under the rug. I encourage anyone with a voice to join us today for our live broadcast.

The weather men are lying right to our faces. It is up to us to call them out on it. I encourage everyone to join my live broadcast.

This fake chemtrail snow is disguised as legitimate real snow and is also being covered up by online shills and debunkers. I have a lot ot to say on this topic and I welcome all to join in for the discussion. This is a snow job and we WILL... more

This show will be an open discussion on chemtrails

Tonight's show is all about the trolls, shills, infiltrators, impostors, compromised hackers, and all others involved in the large scale cover up of chemtrail spraying. We all know it is one big PSYOP. It's time we expose these freaks for the... more