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We are the Minneapolis MADDADS which stands for Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder. We've been on the streets doing outreach and promoting change since 1998 we have accumulated over 400,000 hours in service. We and our faithful supporters will continue to fight until the end; for the betterment of our children and community. We're bringing the neighbor back to the hood.

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We are going to be talking about what is going on with MAD DADS currently. We want to know what you think though! What would you like to see us do? What's on your mind today?
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On this show we will be talking about expungment and step by step guilde before seeking legal help. We have Mr. Jeff Thomas here on thi show to explain in details what it is that he do and how he and the Minneapolis MAD DADS help.

On this episode we will be talking about how to prevent the youth from destructive ways in the community. We all know that there are destructive forces out there and they are after our kids, many of us have questions like "what can we do to... more

On today's show we will be talking about what has MAD DADS done for you. I will be sharing my testimonies and the MAD DADS them selves will also talk about how their lives has been effected by the Minneapolis MADDADS.

We will be talking about how tobacco has a vice on our community.its addictive, its dangerous and I Brutha Carson have lost my grandfather because of it.

Are you prepared for a real relationship? Some people have problems when it comes to relationships and it often times depending on the situation tells us about our character.

On todays show we will be talking about how when things seem to be going nowhere that may mean that change is needed. Dont make changes on your own without the help from God and please make sure that the change you are trying... more

In the face of adversity it is easy to loose oneself, but after knowing and serving a God that is the most high is it necessary for us to go crazy or can we stay on track at all cost with his help? God is in control.

the history

On this show we will be talking about the importance of real friends. I want you to join in on the convo and add your 2 cents because even that is valuable.

Today we will be talking about fighting the good fight. what is it that you are fighting for? is it worth the fighting and does it lines up with the word of God.
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