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Madamstar and Lady Croslay are reunited again!! My name is MadamStar. I am a Tarot Reader, Past life reader. Born on the small Island of Cuba. I have been Practicing Wicca for over 30 years. And have always had an interest in Paranormal and Witchcraft. Lady Croslay, a Wiccan Witch that has been practicing, for 20 years, as well a gifted professional tarot reader, Psychics, Medium. Together once again, they are back, with new and old traditions. All together these enchanting two witches, use their gifts to help many who are in need. We educated those who are closed mind, and those who are curious, about Witches, Spells, and more. There two Witches, are most balanced as loved as Sisterhood, true, honest, and well respected by each other. Both are ready to make your Saturday nights, a mystical and magical night. We hope that you come with perfect love, and perfect trust. As well share this with each other, as sisterhood, brotherhood. Peace with you, and yours. Madamstar and Lady Crosaly are BACK!!These two finery Witches Here, On WICCAN Talk Radio, which airs each Saturday 8 PM PST, Myself and my partner and Enchanting Host Lady Crosaly strive to bring those that don't have an understanding of our belief has a little more insight. That the Hollywood Witch image is just that "HOLLYWOOD Our shows will consist of Paranormal, Pagan, Wiccan and other Spiritual Beliefs and Lifestyles in hopes that with an open mind, more will become more expectant. And better educated. So stay tune. ( Announcement) We love to thank all of our Listener's, for making the Wiccan Talk Radio Show. What it is today. Our radio Shows are on to please your ears, as well to be comfortable. We don't air our shows, as much with explosions of Profanity. We are a True Loving Wiccan and Pagan Family oriented Hostess.

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Have you ever wonder what witches talk about? Here at the Wiccan Talk Radio Show, you will actually hear them in our Round House Show. We love to invite you, to join us in our cauldron. Madamstar, Lady Croslay, and more Witches... more

This segment are for those who want to come join Madamstar and Lady Croslay, to send their dedication love Live On The Wiccan Radio Talk Show. So, come on in, show some love with everyone!!. All callers will be able so say their... more

Yes we are back again. With some more great upcoming shows. Stay in tune, come now to hear all of our exciting upcoming shows. As well listen to those two Witch's stirring up more fun and serious stuff in their Cauldron. Come join us,,... more

Come in and say Hello to Madamstar and Lady Croslay. We have not forgot you. We are still here. Make sure everyone comes back for Part 2. ( You must hang up and came back for part 2) Blessings to you Madamstar & Lady Croslay

Alarming information regarding an Alter found at the Arazon's shooter.Gabrielle Giffords shooting: Frightening, twisted shrine in Arizona killer Jared Lee Loughner's yard Supposed it maybe occult realted? What do you think?... more

We are having a free live 3 card Tarot Reading Show. Madamstar and Lady Crosaly are professional psychics, we are ready to offer our gifts to you Free. When you call us live! For many years our gifts were shared with thousands... more

8/9/2008 9:00 PM - 1 hr 30 min Length: 1 hr 30 min Description: h:13869 s:250741 MADAMSTAR'S WICCAN TALK RADIO PRESENTS.... "THE GIFTED CHILDREN" DAISA IS MADAMSTAR'S 8 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. DAISA IS 8... more

After a great Thanksgiving dinner,it's nothing like an after mint. Tonight Madamstar Psychic and Medium Witch with her Co Host, Lady Crosaly our Psychic and Witch as well. Is here to give you a fresh mint Tarot Readings. Be... more

She back again! ( Lady Sanctuary is our Master of the Reiki Healing Circles and now begins a new journey on the Wiccan Talk Radio show the second Saturday of every month at 8:00 PM Pacific Time. She will have a two hour show to... more

It is in time, the past time of our past lives that we dont know who we were, as well. Where we were. Now is the right time, to find out. With Madamstar and Lady Crosaly. Two Wiccan Witches who has performed many shows, with their inner... more
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