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This Week in Master's and Certification Teaching


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The home of the secondary MACers from Michigan. Please join us for weekly discussions on learning, teaching, technology, and education.

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In this Podcast we'll be taking a look at the Boggs Educational Center in Detroit and exploring some of the characteristics of charter schools. We'll also be speaking with Klo Phillippi, a member of the board for the Boggs Educational... more

Sure, school gardens sound like a good idea. You can use them in lots of ways and they have lots of benefits. So why don't more schools have them? Why isn't everyone incorporating them into curricula and school communities? In this... more

We will be discussing the pros and cons of kindergarten redshirting, a trend in which parents choose to not enroll their children in kindergarten until they have turned six years old. We'll also explore the meaning of school readiness in an... more

Within the next year we will be entering classrooms that are unparalleled in their diversity. This is a great gift as we will meet children that will open our eyes to a greater worldview, but it also presents challenges in forming our practice to help... more

Come and listen to a podcast on arts and education, including an interview with Katie Robertson on the theoretical foundations of arts integration. We will also provide application ideas for teachers to begin to integrate the arts into their K-8... more

We will explore the ever evolving process of how public school teachers are being evaluated and discuss what that means for us as teachers in training.

How do we as teachers create a classroom in which we welcome a variety of celebrations while remaining in line with district expectations?

Interested in learning more about bilingual education? Tune in to hear more about what it is and how it affects students from different language backgrounds. We'll hear from from Elana Warson, a teacher in a bilingual classroom.

School gardens are popular, especially in urban public schools, but is it all hype? Do they really have a significant positive impact on academic outcomes? Join Liz & Liz this Sunday for a raucous debate.

The issue of when it is appropriate to use a students' native language (other than English) in the classroom.