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M. Dannette


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Dear Dannette, advice column on various subjects from home to relationships.

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In relationships its been said that you should put in 80 and expect 20 or is it put in 20 and expect 80? LOL!! Either way shouldn't it be put in 100 and expect nothing or is it put in 100 and expect 100? Relationships are so confusing, no... more

With the turn of the century we have experienced war, super diseases, lifestyle trends, increased natural disasters, job loss, etc...How are you surviving? Do you feel the 20th century was better than the 21st century? Have you been... more

With all the talk about relationships or lack thereof, one of the newest but oldest trend is May/December relationships, you know old man/woman with a young man/woman...Some call them dirty old men, distinguished men, men in denial or... more

It seems that the talk of the town is that America is one of the most overweight countries in the world. But there are so many "microwave" fixes from pills, to shakes, to surgery. So its like its ok to gain weight because there are so many... more

When our children are born we want to give them the world on a silver platter! We want them to have all the things that we didn't have growing up. But then, when they get to a certain age/stage in life we noticed that Junior and Baby Girl... more

Work place romance, good idea-bad idea? You walk out of your office you, see the finest person you haven't seen in a long time, you give eachother the "eye", and you know you have to make a decision, to pursue or not to pursue. What... more

Lately the talk has been about relationships, who do you love, how to love, whats right, whats wrong? But this show is about the pursuit of love. You hear I want you, I need you, you excite me, I love you, what happens next? Is it on the man... more

What really is the appropriate age to discuss sex. Some say it depends on the individual child and their level of maturity, others say it should be in their early teens. What happens if you wait until their teens and they start having sex early,... more

Step on a crack break yo mama's back...Candyman...all Asians can do math...heard it all before? Yeah me too, this show is a spinoff from last weeks show of remember when. The difference this time is to discuss whats fact and... more