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Welcome!! ~ To the Breathing Through Paper Radio Show with your host.... Lyrical Movements... Where unique Poetry & All other forms of Art deemed necessary for the survival of the Movements, both internationally and domestically is cultured… In my opinion, Life is too short.... We can easily look to yesterday and tomorrow for more of the same... Can you imagine what Life would be like without Poetry, Music, Art, Excellent Cuisine……and the list can effortlessly go on for miles and miles... Personally, I cannot imagine my life colorless.... And I pray, I never have to visit the concept again.... My sole mission is to captivate your eardrums and perhaps one day change the world, but for now I will aim for middle ground…. So… Please by all means… Step outside of the box and cruise into my Circle... Get ready for some phenomenal Poetry, mesmerizing flashbacks, and a potpourri mix of Music from all around the World... Artists as well as some well established Professionals lending their insight and real life experiences to help us grow as better people, Artists, and members of our society…. It will all be interwoven with great Music from every genre that moves the Soul... Please hang up your insecurities at the doorstep, take off your jackets and clear your mental passages... In laymen terms, Prepare yourself to be enveloped via mind, body and spirit. Unconditional Love awaits you.... P.S. ~ Thank you for always Following the Movements!! Peace & Blessings....

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Yeah this time its on for sure.. we had so much fun at the motown revival that we have decided to do it again. this time we taking it back to the 90's. maybe you have a favorite memory, favorite show.. we will be playing music from... more

its that time again.. as Breathing Through paper keeps it hot with its Erotic Hypnotic series... All you gotta do is come through with that hot sexy naked ink. Erotic. or sensual ink. We going to turn the lights low..light some candles and... more

In this episode of Breathing Through Paper with your host Lyrical Movements and WrittenInPain... We want to know… Who is your Favorite Pro Wrestler?? ? MAGIC HAPPENS EVERYDAY…. SO…. REMEMBER YOU ARE... more

THIS EPISODE OF BREATHING THROUGH PAPER IS WELLwe miss you guys (insert sad face) so come through bring ya crew .. you know how we do.. music laughs and the mic is open for the spitters sooooo lets get itoh yeah, remember... more

On this episode of Breathing Through Paper we will be jamming to the Motown sound.. Playing a selection of Motown classics, We would love to know your favorite song.. moment.. or maybe a memory one of these tracks inspire... Of... more

On tonights episode of breathing through paper we will be asking you all about High School. Were you a bully, did you get bullied.. were you popular.. a jock.. a nerd.. We want to \, there wil be plenty of surprises and of course the mic will... more

Quise Williams Dc the voice of reason Poetic Black Mistr668 Writteninpain NUFF SAID....

In tonight episode of BREATHING THROUGH PAPER, Lyrical Movements will be having a conversation with the BAND OF BROTHERS. Quise williams Dc voice of reason Poetic black Mistr668, and writteninpain.. who knows where this is... more

On todays episode of Breathing through Paper, We asking you to come this your favorite piece.. recent, old it dont matter just bring that heat. With only a week to go before the Band of Brothers show we will be debuting the BAND OF... more

Tonight on Breathing Through Paper the mic is open and we are expecting to hear nothing but pure fire. So.. crease those pages and get ready i got a feeling it gunna be a good night Dont forget March 28th.. The Band Of Brothers... more
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