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Poetic interlude. Relax, relate, and release life's intimacies through verse. Front porch convo at its finest. Come on over and kick off your shoes. I'll even leave a light on for you.

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Test show with students. All topics.

Greetings all. Today the Real Life Radio joins Minor Production Radio Show on the Lyrical Disciples Show to discuss relationships and being faithful. Why do young folks and adults play so many games when it comes to relationships... more

What's good FAM. As requested by popular demand, today's show will be delving into the very prevalent issue of Mental Illness in the African-American communities. What are some of the first documented instances of mental... more

Feeling a little discouraged this Christmas Season? Maybe funds are looking a little scarce or maybe you are missing a loved one. Perhaps the recollection of where you wanted to be by now versus where you are now is a bit off balanced.... more

Join us as we welcome Carl Beard, Executive Director of The Lazarus House, and associates, to the front porch to discuss the topic of overcoming addiction. The Lazarus House is a non-profit residential facility for the treatment of alcoholism... more

DUE TO A FAMILY EMERGENCY, THE SHOW NORMALLY SCHEDULED FOR THE 2ND SUNDAY HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR NOV. 21ST. The topic for the show: What's on your mind? Might it be that fungus on your big toe that... more

Everybody has them. Phobias or fears that often prevent a person from achiveing all that they were born to in this life. They say that the first step to overcoming anything, is to recognize that it is a problem. What is your greatest fear? Stop... more

A child is molested by someone of the same sex for a period of 2 years. As a result he lives the lifestyle of a homosexual not recognizing the correlation between that incident and his current sexual preference. A woman has been... more

What’s good FAM?! That’s right…we are at it again. Today’s topic deals with those things that we love so much or desire so much that our actions border on obsession. One example would be the infamous “Facebook” or “BlogTalk.”... more
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