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Lyrical Life



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I am here to help you all spread knowledge and wisdom to the people of our generation and connect with the minds that desire to grow. The world we live in is cruel and unfair, but life isn't fair so we must go on. Everything isnt the way it is, but some situation in life makes us smile. Because of that we join the cause to make this world a better place. Lyrcial Life will start by putting the word out and encouraging others too also.

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Why is it so rare to meet the special someone and find out that they are actually in the relationship for another reason? When someone cheats, lies or decieves; is it fair to say that the person never really loved you? And/or they were in the... more

Falling in love with the person the wrong/right way and later finding out you have a side situation. A disease or virus. What will love allow you to do? Stay or Leave?

Whats on your mind

Have you ever been stupid in Love? Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who took advantage of your heart and not care? In the end did you feel stupid? On the other hand, was the other person left feeling stupid because... more

What is the biggest turn off for you? What do people do that really makes you turn your nose up to them?

When someone has done something and they're given the option of a "Second Chance" does the person offering the second chance really start over with the person, or do they hold whatever it was the person did against them.

A response show to the end of Wednesday night's show

How to address a situation in the correct form. Not losing your cool and going crazy just to make a scene. How to confront those gossiping friends when you know that enough is enough

What do you see happening for you in the future? Are you going to be in college? Married? Working? What are some opportunities you want to gain in the next few years and how do you plan on getting there?