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The LYONS Radio Network was founded by Donna Lyons, a News Journalist, Author, and Television Host in Washington DC. She created the network to bring shows that take you on a ROARING journey with entertaining and stimulating topics focusing on entertainment, sports, business, military, world news, life changing stories along with many other topics. Donna brought in top-notch experts and professionals in their fields. Whatever your interests are you will find them right here on LYONS Radio Network 7 days a week. We want you to be part of our radio family so feel free to call in during our live shows and let’s talk!

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Patrick is a Spiritual, Intuitive Counselor. He has been practicing professionally for over 10 years. Throughout his career, he has helped individuals from all walks of life lead a more balanced and productive existence. He uses his gift of ?Spirit Soul Connection? in his sessions, to receive messages from Angels, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones. Patrick first started his journey over thirty years ago on the island of Maui Hawaii. It is here that he met a Spiritual Teacher that explained to him what his life path and purpose would be. He learned about the power of shifting energy, healing of the soul and Karmic Destiny. This is also where he learned about Tarot Cards and the positive way they can help someone open up their own gifts of intuition. Quote; ?Sometimes we may hit a brick wall or might need help or guidance with a difficult situation. If we are unable to find the correct solution, we will often become overwhelmed, confused and discouraged from finding the best possible answer. In an individual session with me, I will help you heal the negative energy and Karmic Debt that might surround you. I will use one or more of the following; Counseling, Energy Work, Past Life Connection and Guided Meditations as tools to help you move forward. My ultimate goal is to help heal your Soul, so that you may find Peace and Happiness in your life.? Patrick has Guided, Healed and Counseled over 10,000 individuals within his career. He currently is not engaged in social media at this time. However, you are welcome to contact him for an appointment at the current locations listed below. Awakenings Center for Conscious Living (949) 457-0797 Visions and Dreams (949)650-6929
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