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Meet author Walter Biondi. He'll be my guest this Saturday, Oct. 25th on the Author Chat Show. This will be Walter's first appearance on the show and I'm really looking forward to chatting with him about his books, The Promiscous Puppeteer and Jeremiah's Tale. About the book: "The Promiscuous Puppeteer," is a multifaceted story about a secret gold exploration company funded by a syndicate comprised of some of the largest mining companies in North America and a CEO who is approached by a Mexican Native American woman, whose skills, from a sordid and seedy past, have the potential to help launch the world's largest gold discovery onto the international stage. Chinese intelligence and embassy officials, US politicians, unscrupulous industry leaders, and a fledgling but growing and menacing Native American mafia are all primary constituents of a compelling and momentous drama that takes place throughout the western third of the United States. It all begins in a five-thousand-foot-high remote desert location called Tonopah, Nevada." About the author: " I was in and out of jails, facing starvation, illness, violent beatings, robbery, and hypothermia. I had become a total failure who was on the brink of human existence. I had nothing, and no more left, to loose except life itself. My life seemed limited to an early demise, rock bottom poverty or a prison. In time, after having been arrested again, and after hitting rock bottom, I fought my own self imposed destruction and resolved to climb my way up and out of life threatening wretchedness and poverty. In time, I created a new life for myself and became a storied and unimaginable success
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My guest on Sunday, October is fellow St. Louis author, Neils Williams. Neils was referred to me by a fan of his books! Neils will be chatting with me about his book, The Glass House! About the book: Those who live in the Glass house shouldn't... more

We will be broadcasting LIVE this Sunday, Oct. 12 at the 2014 St. Louis Black Authors Book Fair! My co-host for this event and my roving reporter, Tracey J. Shanklin will be helping me interview the authors. The event starts at 2 pm-5pm... more

My guest this Sunday is returning for his second appearance on the Author Chat show, Ed Brownlee. Ed will be chatting with me about his book, Rapture Factor on America. About the book: Do you want to know the real reasons God ordained... more

My guest on the Author Chat show is author Dwight Slaughter. Dwight will be chatting with me about his new book, Inner City Strength-The Last Unknown Name Slaughter About the book: If you fall down get up and finish. Dwight... more

My guest this Sunday, Sept. 21st will be author, prophtess and podcaster, Rosalind Solomon. Rosalind will be stopping by to 'chat' with me about her book, Notes On How to Get to Heaven. About the author: PROPHETESS... more

Monday's guest on a special editon of the Author Chat Show is Bill Johnson, Bill will be sharing with us about the importance of outlining and understanding your plot from his book, A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling

This Saturday, Sept 13th, I will be hosting a workshop at the St. Louis Public Library called How to Star in Your Own Radio Show! I will be interviewing some of the participants at the workshop. If you would like to call in and speak to... more

My guest today is author Tiana Nicole, she will be joining me on Author Chat to discuss her new book, Deceitful Temptations. It's available on Kindle for only $ .99 cents! About the book: Lord, please forgive me, I prayed silently and... more

My guest on Sunday, Aug. 24th, is author Kem Smith. Kem will be stopping by as part of her WNL book tour to chat with me about her new book, She's Got Her Own. About the book: She's Got Her Own by Kem M. Smith is a gripping tale of... more

Sunday, August 17th, my guest is author Tiana Nicole. Tiana will be chatting with me about her book, Deceitful Temptations. This book is an Amazon best seller and the storyline is very compelling ! About the book: Lord, please forgive me, I... more
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