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Lyall Russell's Views


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The key word in this show is tell you how to vote, not who to vote for. This is the second two hour show this week where you get to get you Lyall intake. This show is all about voting. Strategic voting, how to vote, why to vote and we will... more

This week if you choice to listen to all of the content I produce you are going to be Lyalled out. You will have access to up to six hour of me this week. And we are going to get started with the first two hour block on Saturday with a crash... more

The final debate is over, not long now until the election. We're going to review the debate, as we have with the other weeks. MSNBC audience boo's at a nine year-old girl. And a gun and ammo tax in Chicago.

In this weeks debate we saw both the candidate awake. As per ussualy we will go over the debate as we have over the past two weeks. I also want to make a point on Secondary Education, College in the US, other wise known... more

We will have a look at some of the highlights from Thrusday's Vice Presidential debate. I also want to take a look at the polls and a poll that comes out of the University of Colorado that put out an economic poll that predicts that has... more

This weeks show is coming to live one hour earlier!!! We are going to look at some debate, And a few clips from there. We will see where that takes me. Rudy Giuliani went on MSNBC to take on the issue of taxes under Romney. We will... more

During last weeks show I touched on Voting and that some people are not meant to. I want to expand on that matter. I want to criticise some of the faults in the research. We may even look at the build up of government. We will see where... more

Life has been busy, I've been falling behind. The topics on this show is going to be up to you, the listeners. Email what you want to hear to lyallrussellblog@hotmail.co.nz and I will touch on everything. This weekend it is... more

After the atrocious events this week we are going to recap what happened in these Islamic countries with the storm on US Embassies. We will spend as long as I need to go over the events and talk about the future, what needs to... more

The only thing that I can say for sure that we will spend a little bit of time on this week will be the Democratic National Convention. With my main focus going to be on dropping God from their platform. Questions are being asked, and there is... more