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What would you do if the Sun did not rise tomorrow. In a episode of Twilight Zone "I Am the Night - Color Me Black" this happened to a small racist town. A town that just did not learn the importance of integration and love. Eventually... more

Bible states that god is jealous, vengeful and hateful. Is this why people believe god is a man? People claim that they are doing god's work; so when extremist hate gays, war and other gods, should they be attacked by the public?

There's only one race, it's human. Everything else is just culture.

If it weren't for dreaming I wouldn't have my beautiful life I have now. Sometimes it's risky to dream, because others do not share your same dreams. But once you find just one person who shares your dream, all is possible. We would be dull... more

It seems like most of the world has be scared into not getting married. This is because family morals have dropped dramatically. Did I say drama? Yes, people see marriage as some kind of stage play or soap opera: from dress rehearsal... more

The most important thing a woman must know before stepping into the realm of love is: SISTERHOOD! SISTERHOOD! SISTERHOOD! SISTERHOOD! Though it seems like men are the doggies whom are hurting all the women. Men would... more