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Luqman Nation

Coffee, Current Events & Politics With Abdus & Jacquie Luqman


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The Luqmans' views on current social and political issues and events from a Pan-African, Pro-Black, Afro-Christian, Progressive, open, and honest point of view!

On-Demand Episodes

Minneapolis has suffered severe political turmoil after the police shooting of a white Austrailian woman. Why was this police shooting deemed more damaging to the Minneapolis police department and the Mayor than the police shootings of... more

The Luqmans will continue to explore white supremacist behavior lurking in the power base of the progressive movement, and the claim by some white progressives that "black racism," and not white supremacy, is destroying any... more

As we travel to Philadelphia today to fight for Progressive policies that are just not going to be pushed by the current DNC, please enjoy a rebroadcast of a timely discussion about the need for a third party in Amerian politics.

#BlackLivesMatter. End of discussion. And we're going to talk about why.

Bernie Sanders voting for Hillary Clinton? Say what now? Congressional Sit-In Theater - Pandering for the White gun grief vote, and forgetting about victims of and advocates against Black gun violence Juneteenth and the forgotten... more

Bernie Sanders gives his millions-strong army its marching orders, much to the chagrin of the media and the Democratic establishment. The difference between the public response to the Cincinnati Zoo incident was different and that of the... more

Please enjoy a throwback broadcast from Luqman Nation, where we talked about Hillary Clinton and her lack of authenticity and pandering to Black people who have been sold on the Clinton Legacy lie. Because of that, we treat her with a... more

Today we're tying the importance of our history as shown through the remake of the TV miniseries "Roots," to issues we face today that might seem unrelated. But are they? The passing of Muhamad Ali and his icon status outside of the... more

Jacquie and Abdus discusses the problems facing Baltimore's celebrity Pastor Jamal Bryant and how this is another example of anger towards the establishment. Also, the legal problems of "Queen' Hillary: Could the email... more

What are some of the things that keep people who want change from achieving it, especially in the political and social sense? Today, we'll take a look at the history of using the fear of "socialism" and "communism" to quell dissent against the... more