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Where we disect the life we live in and chant it down. For the aware people Various guests, callers , consciousness, insight, live lyricism and solutions

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SYSTEM TENTACLE #14 CLOSE MINDED RELIGION AND BELIEF SYSTEMS A into the belief systems that hold us back from the truth and greatest potential. The elite want us fighting amongst the many polarized beliefs and not seeing in... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE # 13 NATIONALISM AND CULTURE A look at how both nationalism and culture hold us back from seeing the big picture. How they can go wrong by becoming a blockade to understanding the truth.The brainwash that... more

A chant down with special guest DOUBLE A. Expect a full chant down wherever the topics take us. Callers welcome

SYSTEM TENTACLE # 12 QUIT SWEATING THE PETTY, DISARM THE FEAR A look at how fear rules the masses and keeps us from being our fullest potential. Toxic fear and what it does to people. Sweating the small stuff. A chant down of... more

Guests rescheduled. Rant on variety of topics.

SYSTEM TENTACLE #10 FOOLISHNESS AND SHALLOWNESS SYSTEM TENTACLE #11 EGO RUNNING AMOK A double header involving two tentacles that keep humanity heald back. A look at shallow culture and the degraded... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #9 TIME CONTROL A look at how the world is controled by time. TIme sections our lives into a prison that keeps us in limitation. A look at the gregorian calender and how we are trapped inside imaginary lines and grids.... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE # 8 : THE MONEY TRANCE It's what drives humanity forward everyday. The bait we follow everyday that keeps us on the treadmill. We chant down the need for it and world it creates. Another tentacle that we're... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #7 OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS How the work world consumes us completely and keeps us from living real life. A full chant down of the system?s greatest hold on humanity: Jobs. It?s what keeps us busy all... more

Episode 25 Recap on the system tentacles and conversation with BRADA FRANKY. Starting the new year off with a full chant-down. We go wherever the conversation takes us.