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Where we disect the life we live in and chant it down. For the aware people Various guests, callers , consciousness, insight, live lyricism and solutions

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NOMADISM : The journey part 4 To become mobile and enjoy the ever changing horizon is one of the most empowering solutions out there... to this insane world we call life. Luemas tells one of many tales being free and nomadic.... more

Rekindle of the true human. Researcher, awake mind and qigong practitioner, SON2K returns to the show. We look into the on-going discussion of life beyond the system and exploring the true human. Various topics. Solutions. People... more

THE LIFE FORCE PART 3 A continued discussion into a look at the miraculous force that the original earth people knew how to access. Tracing it into modern day, and how we access it and put it into action. Action is the missing element... more

Flimaker and activist MICHAEL MURPHY returns to the show to promote kick starting his third film. Michael is the creator of the 2 must-see films, "What in the world are they spraying?" and "Why in the world are they spraying?". 2 films... more

50th episode. A celebration of chanting down. Callers welcome. reschedule

THE LIFE FORCE PART 2 A continuation of the look into the life force. Understanding the electric current of river of energy that flows fromt the divine. A look at how the old world hunter gatherers incorporated the life force. How it... more

THE LIFE FORCE PART 1 A look at the most powerful force in the universe. Beyond the format of traditions and religions. The connection to us thats not connected to the system. The wanting to be alive and witness the miraculous.... more

2015 FORECAST New years eve chant down. Predictions into the new year. Real new years resolutions. Callers welcome.

3 GATEWAYS OUT A look at 3 perspectives that shift the paradigm and dissolve the system as you know it. 3 things the system can't hold and stay the same

JEANICE BARCELO, a birth duala, international speaker, radio and tv show host, joins Chant it down radio to explore who we are without the system. People Beyond series