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Where we disect the life we live in and chant it down. For the aware people Various guests, callers , consciousness, insight, live lyricism and solutions

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SYSTEM TENTACLE # 17 PART 2 NO GOVERNMENT NO RULERS NO BOSSES Part 2 of episode 37 about anarchy. Stories about authority. How it doesn't work and how it is unatural from real life on the planet. The understanding of morality that governs us all to understand how anarchy could be possible. How dangerous it is to trust leadership, because leaders don't have your best interest in mind. A deeper look and continuation from part 1.
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YOUR SHOW GUIDE AND ARCHIVE DIRECTORY For new listeners. A re-intro to the show. Going over different episodes. A call in show.

MOVIES THAT CHANT IT DOWN A review of an assortment of films that chant it down and employ important concepts that can help us deaper understand the truth. Chant it down radio goes to the movies. They live, Office space, The... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #19 CIVILIZATION PART 2 A further discussion from part 1.The last and most important tentacle that has us. Civilization itself. How it kills the planet, destroyed the indigenous peoples, and created an... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #19 CIVILIZATION PART 1 Author, activist, lecturerer, and important voice DERRICK JENSON, comes on to break down the problem that civilization itself is. Author of great works like ENDGAME and the CULTURE... more

100% raw freestyle lyrism! bug out bag preparedness

SYSTEM TENTACLE #18 TECHNOLOGY: HOW DOES IT HAVE YOU? A look into technology and how it has our attention. How it came to be. What it is doing to our lives. Is it good or bad? Do we need it? How does it would play into a... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #17 NO GOVERNMENT NO RULERS NO BOSSES PART 1 In order to be a free human society, we must not have a power structure over us. We don't need a system, rulers, bosses, or currency of any... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE # 16 ORDER FOLLOWING Blind obedience to officials, professionals and anyone of importance is what keeps the pyramid hierarchy in place. An introduction to self governing concepts.

SYSTEM TENTACLE #15 BELIEF IN POLITICS AND THE LEFT-RIGHT PARADIGM This tentacle of the system is wrapped around people tightly. A chant down of the belief in politics. Taking a look at the cycles of brainwash... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #14 CLOSE MINDED RELIGION AND BELIEF SYSTEMS A into the belief systems that hold us back from the truth and greatest potential. The elite want us fighting amongst the many polarized beliefs and not seeing in... more