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Where we disect the life we live in and chant it down. For the aware people Various guests, callers , consciousness, insight, live lyricism and solutions

On-Demand Episodes

TELL-LIE-VISION VISIONS PART 3 A look into the origins of how society has been downgraded into a instant gratification seeking, out for self, degraded version of humanity through mass media manipulation and social engineering.... more

TELL -LIE-VISION VISION part 2 A continuation of the origins of the mind control brought to you by the Tavistock group. Understanding the evolution of how people came into the condition they are in today. A slow creeping agenda from media,... more

TELL-LIE-VISION VISION series. pt. 1 Luemas expands on episode 15 (media mind manipulation) as an adendum to the understanding of how we are controled through the entertainment industry. A deeper look at the workings of mass... more

Special guest DOUBLE A returns to the show to chant down variety of topics

Frustrated man stuck in civilization. A look at the absurdity of our lives and the importance of separation between US and the system. People Beyond series

Email questions answered live. Discussions on many topics. Q and A about the True Awakenings lecture series. All call in show.

TRUE AWAKENINGS PT. 2 Extended talk from episode 57 on understanding the life we live in and being awake. Understanding the truth to the deep magnitude that it needs to be seen as. The true fight. Understanding the truth mixed... more

JEROMY JOHNSON, runs a leading websight (www.emfanalysis.com) that helps families find solutions to reduce electromagnetic pollution. We go over the health impacts of smart meters, wifi, cell phones and anything contributing to the... more

A review on the wine rinse to help detox from chemtrails. The different programs associated with geo-engineering /chemtrails. Rant on micro chipped populations and the root problems coming from authority.

TRUE AWAKENINGS Are you awake? Do you know what's really going in the world or are you caught by many of the trappings and schools of thoughts designed to keep you from the truth? Luemas presents a mini seminar on being... more