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Christian Parents learn what to do to protect your children from being taught Gay lifestyle is cool in School.

Women in Combat. A risk for our Armed Froces? I wnat to hear from you, the listener, Latinos Stereotypes. We will explore stereotypes relating to Latinos. Guest: Evelyn Maldonado-Former Military Police Officer and Puerto Rican

Building on the values of being a Conservative Black Woman being self-relaint, making no excuses, towards being a strong individual.

The silent Domestic Abuse, including killing of Women by Men because these Women of morals refuse to have abortions. refusal Call the message line before the shows and listen 651 917-1720

Democrats and Republicans supported killing poor White and Black babies using eugenics and abortions. Democrats forced Black Mothers to sterilize their teen daughters, or lose Welfare benefits. Democrats supported the use of chemicals... more

BREAKING NEWS. Planned Parenthood legally change name to Planned Killerhood to better meet their mission statement. Democrats, policies on Abortions have done what the KKK could never dream of doing. Democrats... more

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King." IRS actions is an injustice. Only taking 3 calls this show. Call in early. IRS direct attack on Conservatives is the start of a symbolic attack on Conservative... more

Do Conservatives talk different when Bombers that kill innocent people are White with baby faces compared to people of color, or Muslims? Is the media drawing sympathy by showing baby faced images and how difficult life was for the... more

Guest Brandi H, will talk about Democrats and their untold hate towards American people of color. Brandi worked with Herman Cain's organization as Assistant Job Creator Solutions Ohio. Join us for our learning discourse. Brandi... more
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