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When we are born, our DNA shapes what we look like, what our personalities are going to be, who we are attracted to, and our gender identity. Western culture insists we are not only a heterosexual society, but also that we only have male and female, which are determined by the genitalia with which we are born. When our children begin to explore who they are at about three and four, they often begin to make gender choices. How we treat these choices makes a difference on how healthy our children are about being who they are, even if that means they are gay, lesbian, or transgender. Guest: Connie Dunn Connie's latest book, When Panda Was a Boy: A Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8 helps adults learn how to communicate in a positive manner, as well as help children feel normal about their gender explorations and choices. Host: Lucinda Curran Join us as we discuss this "controversial" topic - but one that would ease the path of many who feel that they were born into bodies that didn't quite fit who they really are. #GLBTQ #genderissues #changeyourliferadio #conniedunn
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