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The Lucid Dreamer Show

The Lucid Dreamer Show


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Talk show for Lucid Dreamers to share information. Open to experts and novices alike.

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This a test show. Been away for a couple of months and I am setting up shop. Going to be yappin' tonight about sports and other stuff. Tune and hang with me and call in if you want. :)

This question has been burning inside of me since the very first time I was introduced to Him, and the wonderful thing is, I know that I am not unique. As a matter of fact, I am willing to stake claim that every human on Earth has once... more

The term lucid dreaming describes the experience of consciously recognizing during a dream that you are dreaming. By involving your conscious awareness in a dreaming activity, you can learn to control the content of your dream and... more

Tonight, I will ranting about the new rule baseball wants to put in place about running into the catcher. Also, I'll be dishing my opinion about the Cano trade, the Met's, Colon acquisition, A-Rod, the Jets and Giants and a whole bunch more!!

On tonight's' show, we will explore some of the basic scientific theories behind dreaming. We will talk about the history behind the translation of dreams as well as some modern theories about why we dream and more importantly, why we... more

This time, we will dive into the elusive ability of creating different kinds of dream triggers! Also, I will let you in on a personal induction method which I have recently discovered. And for the first time I will be introducing a new segment to... more

On today's episode we will dive into the touchy subject of Lucid Dreaming Ethics and how it affects us in the awakened state. Also on this episode I will be covering one of the more important induction exercises which new Oneironauts... more

NY/NJ Sports talk. Big day for Giants and Jets fans tomorrow with both games having serious playoff implications. Tonight we are going to talk about Eli and Geno. Do they have what it takes to push their teams to the playoffs? Also, I will... more

In today's show, we will dive deeper into the process of achieving lucidity by addressing the different methods people use to travel through to the dream state. We will also do a review of some of the products available to assist... more

Introduction to the show, it's host and the basics of Lucid Dreaming. Note to Parents: Although I will try to keep this show as family friendly as possible, this subject is about dreams and the effects they have on our minds and bodies.... more