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LSC Radio formally known as LSC Paranormal Radio will be going through some changes while we go on. This show will no longer be just radio shows on the paranormal as the subject but there wasn't an everything catagory for type of radio show. The show will now be discussing issues like Cancer Survivors as well as Military issues just to name a couple new ones I am adding. I am going to make this radio show into a versatile vortex for your listening ears.

On-Demand Episodes

Steven Raebel is a 33 year old sensitive currently involved in paranormal research and spirit communications in the Tampa Bay area. He is the founder of Michigan Paranormal Project, a small independent paranormal research group in... more

Parris is a gifted spiritual intuitive. His realization of the paranormal world began when he was very young. At age 8 Parris would go straight to the what was then called 'The New Age & Occult' section of the public libraries and favor the... more

The members of the group are Joe Glover , Dale Bearden and Jeff and Michelle Holder. Michelle is the newest member. We were founded in November of 2009. All of us with the exception of Michelle were in another group and did not... more

Ron is known as ‘Fabs’, the powerhouse of the team as well as Moriah Rhame the Psychic/Medium will be on the show. He is often seen with a cigar dangling from his lips. He is fluent in Chicago lingo. Fab’s believes that if something... more

From the popular radio show lights out radio at Photo scrying for you live on the air, as well as some insightful psychic work. She will be doing psychic readings to callers or people online with a photo that she can do... more

Amy, Adam, and Chris founders of The Phantom Tribe, paranormal group out of Indiana. Http:// Amy and Chris also host Phantom Radio here on Blog Talk. We will be discussing the Paranormal and all that... more

We will be discussing like every week about the realm of the paranormal. Kat is a member of KPI and is a proud paranormal investigator. Kat has been able to communicate with ghosts and spirits since she was a child. Growing up she... more

DC Doug Carnahan is the founder of NPI and a renown paranormal investigator with over 26 years experience in the field. An extreme haunted survivor, lecturer, TV personality and host of one of the top internet radio shows today... more

We will have the luxury of having Alex on blog talk radio for the first time. He also is going to be hosting his own show here on blog talk radio called We-Go-Paranormal. We are looking forward to having him on the show. We are... more

We will be discussing there adventures in the paranormal and what investigations they have been on lately. Join in with your host with the ghostly most Jason.