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Christian Truth. History suppression in establishment. Love for Jesus Christ and hatred for evil. Waking up people to the Truth

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Steve Quayle, Russ Disdar, David Lankford, John Kyle, and Greg Everson are going to be speaking at the White Stone remnant in Montana coming up this weekend. Wife and I are blessed to be going because God has provided for us... more

The title of this episode is going to correlate with an article I wrote on The Lowdown Truth this last week. The impetus of the article was to encourage those who may be thinking that life is meaningless and that it doesn't matter if... more

It's been since November since I've done a show on Blogtalk radio. I don't think too many people missed me, but I missed you. There has been a lot of changes that have happened since I last did an episode. Praise Jesus first of all for... more

The Lord Jesus is our Shepherd and we are his sheep. We can kick and bite, run and hide, but when faced with fighting a wolf or a false shepherd we are whipped and deceived. Jesus though will come and with his staff fight the wolves off... more

Praise Jesus Christ for reality, one which is sincere and satisfies our deepest yearning. There is only one truth, not billions of them, extestential thought is only vanity, as it has no evidence in reality. It takes more faith to believe the Holy... more

The devil wants to divide and conquer and two main ways of doing this is through the war of the sexes and the race war. The hatred and acute nature of the crux of these wars are deep enough to tempt even the most peaceful people. The... more

As someone who tends to decipher life in a socialogical way, the interesting part of our state of being is seeing the patterns and deductive conclusions leading sane minded folk to come to a impass of taking seriously the direction of our... more

As a Christian male American, I have dignity dispite societies attempts at ruining this. The modern culture makes me sick as those who embrace it have no shame when they should be so embarrassed to even leave their homes. We have so... more

The question is not are you a have or a have not, but are you in the know or not in the know? There is only one truth and that is Jesus Christ, those who know this are dependent upon him for strength to get through the coming storms. Those... more

We as Christians must learn patience and how to trust in the Lord Jesus, believing He is able to do the things we pray for. Wanting our family to be saved and restored and our close friends, this is the test of our Faith, will we... more