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Love, & Lies with Wina & Jay


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Through personal experience and brutal honesty, Wina & Jay will help you solve your relationship problems.

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Naturally, men cheat as well as women but tonight we focus on the reason women cheat. Tonight at 10pm CST on Love & Lies.

Long distance relationships. Are they worth it or are they really just a waste of your time and energy? Tonight on Love & Lies, Wina and Jay explore the upsides and downsides of long distance relationships.

Is your relationship in trouble? No relationship is perfect. Tonight on Love & Lies we talk about what you can do to save your relationship. Tune in at 10pm CST.

Happily ever after? Maybe not. Relationships are hard work from both sides. Tonight we explore the reasons why relationships fail on Love & Lies tonight at 10pm CST.

Happily Ever After? Maybe. It's not as easy as you might think. Every year thousands of people get married and thousands of people get divorced. Could divorce have been avoided? Would marriage counseling have helped? Tonight... more

Do you suspect your lover is a liar? Lies can do irreparable harm to a relationship. Tune in tonight and learn a few tricks to determine whether you're being deceived in your relationship.

Jealousy: mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry or unfaithfulness. Jealousy is typically a manifestation of insecurity. It has many faces and each of them are dangerous. Jealousy lurks in the shadows waiting to rear its ugly head.... more

The truth is rarely pure and never simple. - Oscar Wilde What do you do when you discover your spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating? Do you leave them? Confront them? Kill them? All of the above? Tonight we explore... more

I love you. I HATE YOU!! What does it take to make a relationship work in today's society? Relationships are hard work. They're supposed to be. If they were easy they would be boring. They can also cause you to have homicidal... more

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHO WERE YOU WITH?! Sound familiar? Tonight Wina & Jay explore the cause and effect of trust issues in relationships. We will talk about what that means for you and how it can be averted.