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Michael D Martin

Love, Power, And Joy


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Love, Power, And Joy is a show designed to encourage, enlighten, and entertain. Sundays @9pm we will talk about all things heavy on the heart. And remember, your life goes the way you say it goes, and no other way baby!

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight we're going to strengthen the family unit. In this conversation we will address and disappear the old mantra "parent's just don't understand". Tonight's intention is to let the youth know that their parents really do understand them,... more

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well let's deal with it together! Come and get a deeper insight, and a whole new view of love. After this conversation you will walk away with a brand new, clear-cut, concise understanding of what... more

Tonight we're going collide head on with worrying! Come and join in the conversation that will eliminate all of your inclination to panic. After tonight you will be left with the ability to handle breakdowns with power, velocity, and... more

What in the world could be better than money?!?! The answer is EVERYTHING!! Come and get reminded and re-connected with the things that we actually care about as human beings. My promise is that you will have a new perspective on... more

The topic at hand in tonight's "Universal Connection" conversation is the one thing that all human beings above the age of 7 have in common. We're going to talk about the one thing that we all can relate to. The intention of... more

In this episode of "Love, Power, And Joy" you will gain quick and easy access to all 3 elements. See the world from a child's perspective, and construct a way to have the child's mindset work for you in attracting your every desire.

You're alive now! This is a conversation about the Dodge principle, take life by the horns. In this episode you'll gain insight on how and why to move your life out of the world of "someday" and into the world of "right this second". By the... more

Tonight we're going to have a conversation that will have you walk away with all the power you need to command every facet of your life. Tonight you will learn how to use word and actions to dictate your entire world around you. You... more

Tonight's episode is about powerfully dealing with being upset. In tonight's conversation you will learn how to deal with issues that bring sadness or anger face to face until they completely lose control over you. By the end of the show... more

Tonight we're going to have a conversation about having complete power in your life. Tune in to get a deeper insight on how to gain access to having everything, and being stopped by nothing. By the end of the show, you will walk away with... more