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Michael D Martin

Love, Power, And Joy


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Love, Power, And Joy is a show designed to encourage, enlighten, and entertain. Sundays @9pm we will talk about all things heavy on the heart. And remember, your life goes the way you say it goes, and no other way baby!

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For several reasons most people would rather blame other people for their problems instead of owning them. What they don't understand is acknowledging that you are at the source of your problems gives you sooooo much power! So... more

Fellas we need to get over this. This issue causes so much unnecessary conflict in our relationships. It's about time we let it go. Let me talk to you real quick.

It's known that sexual abuse/rape is becoming more and more common in our society. The only reason for that is because no one has decided to stop it. The numbers could start decreasing just as easily as they are increasing. All it takes... more

In continuing the murder of racism, and the creation of a new unity, one thing we must do is get on the same page. This is our intention in this episode. Join me and friend Mario Marchione as we have a conversation about living... more

In churches everywhere, you can find tons of hypocrisy, damnation, judgement, criticism, betrayal, whoredom, rudeness, lying, stealing....etc, but the thing that's hardest to find in church is Jesus! So in this episode we are beginning a... more

Our very own President Barack Obama said something very profound in light of the Zimmerman trial. He said the best way to honor Trayvon is to all come together. It's time for a breakthrough in unity. It is time we united like nothing... more

It's often said that everything happens for a reason. But in this episode we're going to dig deeper into this mantra. In the end you will have full understanding and appreciation of things we normally see as breakdowns.

In this episode we're going to discuss why it's so important to have and uphold your standards when it comes to dating. In addition to that, we'll also distinguish the risk and probable outcomes when you compromise. You DON'T want to... more

It's touched on in houses and on TV shows on a regular basis, so let's have at it for real! Tune in, call in, share your thoughts! Is it cool or not cool to physically discipline your children?