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After a 2yr hiatus, i'm ecstatic to be back on BTR!! I have a wonderful co-host, named Ronin. kick back, relax and feel free to join in our round table discussion, via the chat room or else you can call us at (713) 955-0671. respect is a must!!

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tonight we will be talking about how come we as black people don't support black owned business as much as we should.

today is my first show in the new year, join us we will be talking about the situation in Haiti, and we are talking about the abc special why 42% of black women are single. come through and feel free to call in.

tonight's show will be about the biggest "events" that happened in 09 mainly dealing with pop culture... we will discuss the death of Michael Jackson,chrihannagate,obama, kayne's vma outburst, the whole tiger woods... more

tonight's show is about plastic surgery and how so many people are dying behind this, we will me talking about Solange Magnano dying from butt injection surgery... we will also discuss the man who injected his wife with hiv aids the story hit... more

hey everyone tonight's show will go in a different light hearted direction, we will be talking about sex and relationships what is normal? how much sex is too much? what's the difference between a nymphomaniac and a hoe? we will be talking... more

we will be talking about good and bad relationships, physical and mental abuse, how to tell if your relationships is good or bad and we will also be discussing the whole rihanna and chris brown situation! is it ever ok to hit a woman back? why... more

we will be talking about insecurity issues,self esteem and low self worth, why do so many people particularly people of color hate what they see in the mirror? where does this stem from? also what can we do to make sure the next... more

today show will be about teen pregnancy and being a young mom, if you follow me on youtube you know i was a teen mom, today's show is dedicated to young moms, things happen in life we all stumble and fall, but at the end of the day... more

tonight show will be about how so many of our minority males are going to prison at alarming rates! once they get done serving time they can not find any jobs, help or assistance. so many end up doing dirt to make ends meet. so many find... more

we will be discussing the movie good hair by chris rock. what do you think about this topic? is their a such thing as good hair/bad hair? why do so many black people dislike their natural hair texture? why is hair such a big deal in our... more
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