Love, Life & Bullshit!


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Your boo-thang makes you breakfast in bed & you eat that nasty $#!* knowin’ they can’t cook...that’s LOVE. "I'm n tha buildin' & I'm feelin' myself"...a night out w/ your people & you meet Ol’ Girl who says she has some ‘friends who can get wit' your friends’, yall meet up & you realize your linked up w/ the ugly girl in the group; now ur stuck w/ her…that’s LIFE. You’ve been engaged for 10 damn years? Ooh-Wee…now THAT’S some BULLSHIT! The pursuit of a successful relationship can be equally as blissful as it is painful. These pursuits or "GAMES" we play and/or find ourselves in, lead us down the paths of LOVE, LIFE or BULLSHIT! What path are YOU on? VISIT US @