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The Higher Love

  Broadcast in Spirituality

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Discovering a higher love requires lesson from "without" that guide one to remembering from "within". Eternity is stream of oneness and drawing from the reseviour of Eternal Life requires one to bring their journey into an actualizing narrative of True Love. Listen as Brian & Nico discuss lessons of the higher love and messages from the higher central Sun of All Source. The "family of Jacob", (Elohei Yaakov) is an inter-dimensional collective consciousness that resonates a central frequency of the united essence of All Source. Over the ages the family of "Jacob" have been known by many names; the higher central Sun, Tiferet, the personage of Divine as Father, the Egyptian All recognizing collective consciousness called "Ra", the Hindu Lord Vishnu - the cosmic consciousness of All Life, the Christian Trinity, the biblical archetype of the patriarch "Jacob" who coalesced All through frequencies of "merciful healing" and recognizing "truth". These are some incarnations of this family consciousness called the family of "Jacob", and there have been many more. Splinters of this collective consciousness are incarnated in almost every generation along the earthly tier, others aspects of this collective are ascended (angelic) intelligences that never spent time on along the earthly tier, or have resonated their key resonance of truth in many other worlds and dimensions. They offer a "birds eye view" of true reality, and share a messages of true love, compassionate healing; revealing dignity for the individual, a deep compassion and reverence for the collective; the majestic "music" from behind the veil --- the coalescing of All That Is. Their sacred message carries a profound cadence that leads to the abstract coordinates for ascension into the fullness of inter-dimensional "wholeness". The "family of Jacob" explain how this game of duality consciousness is designed to help angels and imprisoned intelligences ascend to higher dimensions of intimacy wit
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