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Bringing to the fore, different topics on Relationships - so whether you are married, Engaged, Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed, no matter what your status is, there is something for you at LOVE IN THE HOUSE. Coming to you every TUESDAY at 9PM

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JOIN US TONIGHT AT 9PM UK/GMT AS WE DISCUSS DATING ETIQUETTE 101 What is essence of going on a date? Is it a sign of commitment? Who pays the bill on the first date? What are the things NOT to say or do on a date?... more

At Love In The House, we started a series on sex called LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX. Join us as we discuss 'How To Accept Your Body and Who You Are In order To Enjoy Sex with your Partner'.

Today, we continnue our series called - Let's Talk About Sex. Focusing on - HOW TO MAKE YOUR SEX LIFE MORE EXCITING! Are you exploring more? Do you have to get to the bedroom before making love? Are you satisfied or do... more

What is the art of Love-making? Different types of sex Settng the mood What works? What are your 'absolute no-nos'?

On toady's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, we will be discussing everything 'OLD FLAME' - Should you stay close friends with your Ex? - What happens when you have a new partner? - Will you make your Ex God-Parent toy our child?... more

On Today's Episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, we will be looking at another interresting topic - BUILDING A STRONG FRIENDSHIP WITH YOUR SPOUSE. Defining friendship. The importance of marrying your friend. Building a strong... more

Nagging Contd. We do apologise for the power cut!

On this week's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, we will be looking at another topical and interesting topic - NAGGING!!! What is NAGGING? Is it a form of abuse? Is it woman's thing? Yes? No? And why? Its effects on MEN. All of... more

What is Depression? What are the causes and effects? How does it manifest itself? What are the early signs of depression? Does depression mean suicide? What does it mean to be clinically depressed? Do kids get depressed? How do... more

On this episode of Love In The House we will be looking at a woman's wardrobe and how it affects her relationship.Does a woman drop her standard 'fashion-wise' after she says I DO? Does society perceive women based on what they wear?... more