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Bringing to the fore, different topics on Relationships - so whether you are married, Engaged, Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed, no matter what your status is, there is something for you at LOVE IN THE HOUSE. Coming to you every TUESDAY at 9PM

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It is almost impossible for couples to be together without having issues, conflict, arguement, misunderstanding or whatever name we give to it. Yes! People, regardless of how much they love each other will still have their differences and... more

On today's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE brought toy ou by BUNMIOLABODE.COM, we will be looking at how Socila Media e.g Facebook, Twitter et al. can be used to enhance relationships as well as its negative... more

Broken Hearts In Relationships. Can it be avoided? Its impact on the 'Broken Hearted' What can be done to mend/heal a Broken Heart

What is Mid-Life Crisis? How do you know when going through one? Does the experience differ for men and women? What is the effect of mid-life crisis on relationships? How do you overcome it? All of these and much more will be... more

Insecurity is said to be one of the top 10 Relationship Killers out there. What is Insecurity? How does it affect our relationships? What can be done?

What does it mean to be termed as a High Maintenance Woman? Is High Maintenance, High Standard? What are the advantages of being one? How about the men? Is

Whether you adore or don't see eye-to-eye with your in-laws, this episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE is for you. Also, if you are Single, dating or engaged you will be so happy you tuned in to today's show - THE IN-LAWS. - How... more

. PREMATURE EJACULATION is actually known to be one of the most sexual problems th...ere is to be. What is it? What causes it? Is it short-term or can it be a life-long issue? ------------------------------------------ "Sexual intercourse... more

On this week's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE we will be dealing with another interesting topic of discussion - Living On The Down-Low What is it? Why people choose to live on the DL Are their RED FLAGS to watch out for before... more

The joy of being a Parent is one you can not put a price tag on. Some people choose to be child-free but many look forward to carrying their own babies, rolling on the floor with them, doing the small things, big ones and everything... more