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Bringing to the fore, different topics on Relationships - so whether you are married, Engaged, Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed, no matter what your status is, there is something for you at LOVE IN THE HOUSE. Coming to you every TUESDAY at 9PM

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Nagging Contd. We do apologise for the power cut!

On this week's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, we will be looking at another topical and interesting topic - NAGGING!!! What is NAGGING? Is it a form of abuse? Is it woman's thing? Yes? No? And why? Its effects on MEN. All of... more

What is Depression? What are the causes and effects? How does it manifest itself? What are the early signs of depression? Does depression mean suicide? What does it mean to be clinically depressed? Do kids get depressed? How do... more

On this episode of Love In The House we will be looking at a woman's wardrobe and how it affects her relationship.Does a woman drop her standard 'fashion-wise' after she says I DO? Does society perceive women based on what they wear?... more

On Today's episode of Love In The House, we will be looking at if there is truly a Mr Or Mrs Right Out There. Or is it just a case of People making it work 'till it feels right. It is all about the WAITING GAME tonight, so please join us as we... more

Join us this week for another insightful episode of Love In The House where we will be discussing - STEP/BLENDED FAMILY. Definition of Step/Blended Family What are the advantages? What are the Challenges? Making it work. Managing... more

Join us on this Week's Episode as we tackle another topic of discussion - WHEN A PARTNER DIES.

On tonight's episode of Love In The House which is brought to you by BUNMIOLABODE.COM, we will be CELEBRATING FATHERS and looking closely at THE ROLE OF A FATHER - A Father's role in a child's life --- What... more

On this episode of Love In The House, we will be discussing RELOCATING WITHOUT THE FAMILY. Exploring the different reasons for relocation How long is too long to be apart? How does it affect the family? Practical tips to cope... more

On tonight's episode of Love In The House, we will be discussing another interesting topic - Married, Bored and Lonely. Being Married as we all know is good for companionship amongst other things. So, what happens when... more