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Bringing to the fore, different topics on Relationships - so whether you are married, Engaged, Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed, no matter what your status is, there is something for you at LOVE IN THE HOUSE. Coming to you every TUESDAY at 9PM

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LOVE IN THE HOUSE, your candid radio show on relationships airs every TUESDAY at 9PM GMT. This week, we will be discussing ''WHEN AN EX DENIES PARENTAL ACCESS''. Is Parental access denial ever justifiable?... more

Join us every TUESDAY at 9PM/GMT. LOVE IN THE HOUSE, your candid radio show on relationships airs every TUESDAY at 9PM GMT. This week, we will discussing the role of men in marriage being redefined. What are the traditional... more

Join us TONIGHT at 9PM GMT as we roll out the New Season of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, a candid radio show on RELATIONSHIPS. ARE YOU READY? 'Cos we are! Topic for today is SEX LANGUAGES - Fifty Shades meets Missionary and... more

A Real Man AND The Strong Woman; WHO are these people? Do they really exist? What do these terms mean? What is it to be a real man and a Strong Woman? What are the attributes of a real man and that of a strong woman? Are... more

Defining singleness. What does it mean? What are the reasons WHY people are single? Is it down to circumstance or is it a choice? What are the differences between the Western culture and the African culture regarding being single?... more

It is a known fact that NOT everyone leaves their relationship/marriage after they discovered their partner had an affair. So, for those who have decided to stay because their partner, was remorseful, asked forgiveness, promised to be'faithful,... more

With the advent of technology, mobile phones, social media, internet et al, How is modern day parenting different to parenting a generation or two ago? What are the pros and cons?

JOIN US TONIGHT AT 9PM UK/GMT AS WE DISCUSS DATING ETIQUETTE 101 What is essence of going on a date? Is it a sign of commitment? Who pays the bill on the first date? What are the things NOT to say or do on a date?... more

At Love In The House, we started a series on sex called LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX. Join us as we discuss 'How To Accept Your Body and Who You Are In order To Enjoy Sex with your Partner'.

Today, we continnue our series called - Let's Talk About Sex. Focusing on - HOW TO MAKE YOUR SEX LIFE MORE EXCITING! Are you exploring more? Do you have to get to the bedroom before making love? Are you satisfied or do... more