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I Am My Abuser: When Staying Causes Pain & Fear Of Loss Makes Us Stay

  • Broadcast in Relationships
Love In Full Enlightenment

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The miserable couple is always operating in an exercise of futility. They fight and talk about one another behind each others back about just how horrible things are, yet they will tell their friends how much they love said partner. A word to the wise....suggesting to your friend to break-up will get you nowhere in the conversation, so simply listen.Using the "B" word will cause them to become defensive, protective and alarmingly confused at the absurd idea you just slammed on the table. What they really are saying to you is....Being in the unhealthy relationship is better than loneliness (being alone), fear of being alive, guilt of leaving, put in too much time, you have stuff together, regrets of leaving the relationship to becoming single, and living in hope that it will change even when it has no chance of changing.

Staying in relationships when you discover that you are just two incompatible people, the problem isn't something that's going to improve with time, but only increase your hatred over time. Instead of an expected change, you will come against many forms of abuses towards one another that will leave you broken and hardened. While you spend unending hours focusing on just how bad the other is or counting up all the abuses towards you, the biggest abuser rises up and it is You! You are breaking your own heart and you are the catalyst behind your pain once your eyes are open to your situation.

Join my co-host A. Michelle Grogan, Janet Heard, Skye Vonn and myself Minister Dupree-Alridge, to discuss how to stop looking across the room for the creator of our pain and simply look in the mirrors at ourselves. We must take responsibility for our joy, peace of mind, and our lives for ourselves. Dial in to (646) 668-2495 at 8:00 pm EST Thursday night. We promise to keep it real and raw while loving you back to health.