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Join Host Shaneetha Akinlana and her guests as they discuss spiritual relationships, twin flames/soul mates, spiritual marriage, sexual values, and rituals of love in the 21st century.

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Why are so many people rushing to get married there days,? According to history ,marriage as been around hundred,and hundreds of years. The month of June alone brought thousands couple to the altar too say I DO. What is it about this... more

Is emotional infidelity more diffficult on your marriage than just some plain good sex with another person? Are emotional affairs harder to get over then just having a sexual fling? Is there away to get your marriage back on track after... more

Is Celibacy a battle between flesh and spirit? Is Celibacy much more than not having sex,or more intentional than abstinence? With wide spread news in the Cathloic church and other religious organzations of rape,and sexual corrupt... more

Have you ever encounterd a person that you were sure they were your twinflame?. Everything seemed perfect. They were everything that you have asked the universe for, or were they? How can you be sure if the love of your... more

Being the Love Dr. I have many clients who call me in the course of the week with mild to serious love problems. While I love sharing with all my clients trying to unravel their love stuff is not easy ;but there is something much better than the... more

It seems these days that when it comes to marriage people are having a hard time really finding a true spiritual love mate. Before you get married do you really give serious thought to the step that involves a lifetime relationship and... more

For all those who missed Jennifer Elizabeth Masters last week discuss her new book "Orgasm for Life" you are in for a real treat as we go into round two. Don't miss your second chance as we discuss what's hot and what's not in the... more

Want to create more joy, pleasure,and fun in the bedroom or the back seat of a car? Do you want the ultimate orgasm and sexual experience of your life no matter what your age? Are you living passionately today or just pushing through... more

I have you ever noticed that the same love that brings you so much pleasue, joy, and happiness ,also brings you so much pain, doubt,and misery,? Are fools rushing into relationships where angels fear to tread? Is real love involuntary,... more

According to the internet older playboys are alive and well thanks to drugs like testosterone shots, Cialis,and . Yes these Romeo's are keeping it up longer in the bedroom,but the word commitment is a word stricken from the walls of their... more
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