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LOVE AT THE ROOT is where BIBLICAL LOVE is taught across a range of social topics for your breakthrough over relationship issues of conscience and ethics.

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"Love At The Root" WHIM Women's Ministry is Excited to Present: ARE YOU IN A BAD RELATIONSHIP - What are some of the signs? God's intention, when He created man, was that we have relationships and that we wouldn't be... more

Does Christian identity identify with mood swing actions and feelings? If not, how do Christians gain victory over their moodiness? If so, then does God have mood swings? If He does, and He teaches us to have them, then why are mood... more

?Love At The Root? Women's Ministry's Excited to Present FEAR OF LETTING GO! - Are We Crippled By Fear? What fear is tormenting you and tricking you into believing that you are not able to break free from it? Fear doesn't come from... more

Every Christian relationship warrants ?vision?. Is this by our ideal, or God's revelation? What's yours? And does it line up with scripture? Does it bring you and your mate closer towards being equally yoked, or widen the relationship... more

Is the Church today busy, or busy-bodies? Are Christian parents raising, and living as an example before their children as ?workers" in the harvest, or idlers with a candy-crush mentality. Has the creation of the ?Internet" placed a temptation... more

WHIM Women's Ministry Present, "The Worst Pain.....What was it?" Pain of....rejection, abandonment, abuse, rape, molestation, separation from a friend, discouragement, disappointment, adultery, the lost of a love one, rather through... more

What is the root to someone guilt tripping? Should guilt trips be used between Christians to bring about indictment and conviction of wrong doing? Should guilt trips be used in defense of non-awareness of our conscious... more

WHY YOU SO BITTER? Theologically, can a relationship be bitter and sweet at the same time? What is at the root of all Bitterness? How can it affect your Christian relationship with mate, and God? Are there any additional... more

WHIM Women's Ministry Presents ?Perseverance -Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize? (1 Corinthians 9:24) Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. The challenges come... more

How do I go about selecting my soul-mate? What is the Biblical pattern in becoming one with my soul-mate? Is it possible to select the wrong soul-mate? And if so, would divorce be permissable? What are 3 evidences of a... more