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would you recommend someone or yourself to stay in a relationship for the kids or financial reasons or would you make the changes so you can be happy?? They say its cheaper to keep her but can you deal with the misery that comes... more

interviews with independent artists(Rap & R&B) as well as others that have their own businesses or starting one.....I'll be talking about what it takes 2 get the job done & what they days consists of....if you're an upcoming entrepeneur, please... more

if a man makes a descent amount of money or above, does that make him bigger than the male factors that handle more responsibilities and work as well but they dont make as much money?? Feel free 2 call in @ 619 630 4722......or text me... more

this topic is about telling the truth at the right time.....if you ask your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend about their past and you asked them if you were the best they ever had or has anyone in the past did some romantic things better than... more

this topic is about women who try 2 control a relationship as if they were a man.....women who wants 2 wear the pants in the relationship, bossy women as well as women who always have negative input in thier friend/girlfriend's... more

Fellaz, now be honest......would you perfer to have a woman with a nice physique but dont know how to think for herself or would you rather have a woman with common sense and more but have a basic look to herself?? And we're talking... more

A segment on why and what gets a woman off by a man being 2 splurge on her and shower her with gifts and money.....even if he doesnt have the whole package?? Please feel free 2 call in 2 state your opinion or leave it in the chat... more

do you think its ok for your boyfriend/girlfriend to communicate with he/she ex and hang out occasionally?? Whats your thoughts??

why is it okay for 1 man to sleep with 100 women but its not a good look for a woman if she sleeps with 100 men.....what's your view?
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