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Addressing all these backbiting, hypocritical, backward ass negroes on social media. And while these savages argue amongst each other over petty disagreements, there are two groups of people sitting back and laughing. White... more

chance for the callers to chime in and say whatever is on their mind. Whether it be relationships, entertainment, politics etc. even if you just wanna vent.

Building a better union. Having a better understanding of your partner. Being able to communicate.

As the gender war continues to wage on between black men and women, one have to ask them self what are the real issues? Do some people who bash black women have hidden agendas? Are some men just sour cause of their past... more

I will be discussing internet beef, online stalkers, and cyber Simps. Also I will explain how mental illness, and growing up in single parent household ties into all three

I will be discussing how the majority of these black bitches ain't shit. From your corperate America black bitch, all the way down to your hood rat black whore. Hope y'all enjoy the sho

It has been a group of negro simps and rachette black whores, making threats to people online just because they have a difference in opinion. The amount of ignorance and hypocrisy coming from these individuals, are the prime examlpe... more

In today's Society, we have a massive epidemic: RATCHET BLACK WOMEN We will discuss how this negative stigma came about and the effect these "Ghetto Birds" have on society. (Wanna keep a man?? STOP behaving like one!)... more