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Lost Arts Radio with host Richard Sacks - every Sunday night at 9pm EST / 6pm PST (our show with guests). Our Saturday evening show is The Planetary Healing Club at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. Visit our website: http://www.lostartsradio.com/club for more info.

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Kerri Rivera (www.realkerririvera.com) has reported complete recoveries in about 550 autistic children who followed her CD protocol. Yet we are supposed to believe that autism is genetic, has no connections to vaccines or environmental toxins, and is incurable. Not only is it incurable, but it should be managed by a lifetime of consuming toxic chemicals, aka "medicines," all of which, especially taken in combination, are very damaging to the body. There is a lot wrong with this picture, but we are supposed to be too dumbed-down to notice. Real science looks for answers, not to satisfy business partnerships between government agencies and drug dealers, but to solve problems and restore health. Fake science seeks to repeat acceptable information to protect business interests working in collusion with government. When those who speak the truth get an audience and threaten the corrupt power structure, they are silenced. Social media and big Tech now work together to silence those who dare to share certain categories of information, one of which is natural ways to cure autism. Kerri is in that category. So her book, Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism, has been banned and deleted by Amazon. More importantly, her ability to share more recent updates as she continues to refine and improve the healing protocol she has used to help thousands, has been severely restricted. Her personal email account has been deleted by Yahoo. Kerri's previous great interview with us (https://youtu.be/1G0ihKJT0Ps) was banned and deleted by Youtube, but we've invited her back again on Sunday. Don't miss this chance to hear from a brave pioneer in the health field. Soon it may be impossible to hear real health information online. We need to keep it available and share it as long as we can.
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