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Michelle Rowton James is a Masters level prepared nurse, a neonatal nurse practitioner, with extensive training and experience in functional medicine. She is recognized by the Texas Board of Nursing and licensed as an advanced practice nurse. I first heard Michelle speak on the Alex Jones Show. At the time she was speaking on behalf of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines. I was very impressed with Michelle's presentation about how vaccines were given even to premature infants, knowing that some of them would stop breathing due to the toxic shock, and would have to be moved to special units to save their lives. Apparently the doctors and medical staff saw nothing wrong with this picture, or they were too afraid of retribution to say anything to stop the practice. But Michelle was brave enough to say exactly what was happening. Michelle has been on our show several times since 2015. I thought of asking her back now because of the incredible news on abortion from Virginia and New York, as well as the increasing pressure for all kids (and eventually everyone) to get vaccinated or face the punishment from government agencies and enforcers. California has led the way so far for this type of unconstitutional and immoral enforcement. On the abortion front, advocates have been claiming all along that an aborted (killed) baby is not a baby at all. In fact is a piece of the mother's body, a tissue, a "fetus" which is no problem to kill, no moral issues, except that the woman must be free to kill the baby with no consequences, and in fact the general public should cover the cost, funding murderous organizations like Planned Parenthood in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Now those promoting abortion, which they call "choice," are unmasking their real intent. They are advocating the murder of babies right up to the time of birth, and even after the baby has been born.
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